Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Last Mommumorgun of 2008

Mommumorgun was delicious today and a lot of fun. Everyone brought something sweet and then there was hot chocolate made with a cinnamon stick, yummmm. I have asked for some of the recipes which were very good, I'll describe some of the cookies. There were meringue disks that had a little coco/coffee cream and then a layer of hard chocolate on them. They were really excellent, but a lot of work to make. There were small butter/sugar cookies that I loved and am getting the recipe, as well as chocolate/oatmeal balls with coconut, sooooo good and getting that recipe as well. Then there was a spicy layer cake with cream, snicker cookies squares made with rice crispies, I think dates, and chocolate. Major sugar high and I brought some back for Jacob to taste:) I mentioned that I know people in the US do a cookie party/exchange and they really liked the idea, yay.

Zelia was very independent throughout the morning which was really nice. She would totally leave my side, crawl under all the table and head over to the rug with the toys. There are several pictures of her playing with the twins in the group.

Anyway, here are pictures of the group and the food.
First mom and baby are: Heida and Louisa
Zelia, Sunna, Stephan and me
Zelia, Gudny,Stefan and me
Gudny and her son
Arny, Sunna, Stephan and
Zelia playing...