Thursday, October 30, 2008

Snow Pile #2

So, we just had to take more pictures of the snow pile outside of the house. The one I posted yesterday wasn't as big as it actually got. It is actually gone now, they worked on removing it and dumping it all afternoon.

I am sorry we did not get pictures of the light earlier today which was spectacular. In the morning, around 10am the sun shines only on the tops of the mountains and it is gorgeous. Of course having a VERY blue sky all day wasn't too shabby either. Here are some from later on in the day.

We joined Jacob in school this afternoon for the poster presentations, they looked great. Afterward we went for a nice walk along the docks as Jacob wanted to look in the water as much as possible. We saw some mussels growing on a rope, lots of ducks, a container full of skate and later while looking over the rocks a seal!!!!!! I don't think I have ever seen a seal in the wild and I was SO excited.

As we decided on dinner tonight we realized we needed lemons and headed to Samkaup. On the way back we walked by the old bakery and Ruth, who is the older woman, and now we know owner of the bakery, invited us in for tea. Of course tea turned into some delicious deserts and some nice conversation. The bakery has been around since 1870 and their family bought it in 1921. Ruth is actually from Denmark originally and is so welcoming. We also got to practice our Icelandic, excellent.

We are really looking forward to this weekend in Heydalur. We are going with Katri, Jukka and Traian. So after class tomorrow we will get in our rental car and head out for 2 nights. We will come back with lots of pictures and stories:)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

No Halloween

Since people keep asking...they do not celebrate Halloween here. But, sometime in February there is a holiday where children dress up and ask for candy. It all connects to the ending of winter, Purim, Mardi Gras, Carnavales...When it happens I'll tell more:)

snow pile

It was quite a bit warmer today and the lovely snow is turning to slush, the icicles are all gone and the snow is falling off the roofs. Actually the last statement is not a joke and can be quite dangerous. As a matter of fact where I usually let Zelia sleep outside the studio, I now know is a potentially dangerous spot. She didn't fall asleep today and to be honest I had thought about it so wouldn't have had her so close to the building. But as we were inside working we all of a sudden heard a loud noise and saw a lot of snow fall off the roof, ugh. She continues to not feel great, have a runny nose and be very attached, so we are taking it slowly with lots of hugs and holding.

I am almost finished with my mittens which is very exciting, making the cable wasn't hard at all!!!! yay. I also spent some time making more flash cards with Icelandic words on them, now I need to study. Anyway, as we were inside this afternoon there was a lot of work happening outside the window on the street. I walked into the kitchen, looked out, and saw a huge pile of snow. HUGE - as tall as the first floor of the house at least. It was just getting bigger and bigger as they were bulldozing it. I think they were really clearing the street, getting up all the slush. It's still there and it's 9:50pm. Tomorrow they will push it into the ocean. This is a picture taken from the doorway.

Jacob gave his talk today about fishery driven evolution and did a great job. No, I wasn't there but I know that the professor asked him to give the talk again on one Friday when there are talks given to the University community. He was throwing around candy as well which was a big hit. Now he is working on his next project which is a poster. Tomorrow at 2, Z and I will head to the University to hear those presentations.

We are planning a trip from Saturday to Sunday and Katri, Jukka and Pyry are going to join us, Traian as well. We are heading 150 kilometers east to Heydalur - there are hot springs there, mmmmmm.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Swimming and coca-cola

Here are some great under water pictures from our swimming class trip to Flateyri. When you see Zelia floating through the water that is when the teacher, Gudny, send the babies under toward their parents. It is so cute to see Zelia under the water.

The coca-cola note is this, it is SO good here, like in Latin America made with sugar not corn syrup, yummmmmm.

and a few that is

Blue sky again today which is great, especially since Zelia and I are plannong on taking a walk with Sunna and Stephan before swimming.

The pictures here are from Sunday in Flateyri and this morning on the bed - I love those!

photos from Improv