Friday, October 3, 2008

Even more snow

Hi, SO I know I need to get better and figure out a way to display the photographs better. This program does not display the pictures very neatly and there MUST be a way to do it better. Next time I have pictures I'll see what I can do. For now there are no new ones so will not worry about it.

We have slowly been eating our leftover fish as fish cakes and pulling out all the rutabaga from the soup for Zelia to eat. We ended up pureeing the rest of it so she enjoyed that as well. We had somewhat of a rough night last night, which means Zelia and I didn't sleep particularity well, not to worry Jacob slept like a baby (ever wonder where that saying comes from...). I had to skip the gym and we both slept until 8:40. I made some very goopey oatmeal, it's sort of weird, at least the oats we bought are, and put in raisins and vanilla (yes from Panama) which Zelia really enjoyed. After playing some and wiping a runny nose often we headed back to sleep. She work up cooing and playing which is perfect. Jacob returned for lunch, we all ate and then really bundled up for our walk to the pool. Why you ask??? Because much more snow than the first snow was falling and it was blowing. When I looked outside there were no mountains to be seen. Poor Zelia looked like a stuffed pillow before I put her in the stroller. Boy, am I glad for those felted wool boots - so warm. The walk over was fine and I wondered if the sidewalks get plowed in the winter or will I be wrapping her to go everywhere. Then I looked across the water, usually I can see Bonus (the cheaper market) across the way and everything across the way was gone as well.

One we got to the pool to swim (sinta in Icelandic) Zelia was all smiles until we dunked, oh well, one good day and one not so good day. Every time we dunked she cried but a little less the last time. Today she even did a little dive. She sits on the end of the pool and the teacher came over, counted to 3, blew in her face and under she went into my arms. Very cool. We always blow in the babies' faces before dunking since they automatically hold their breath. there was a lot of talk about the economy, Sunna told me. They were joking about who was poorer and what they were going to be able to get people for Christmas...I really wish I could understand.

Both Sunna and Heidi were there and we walked back into town together. We walked out into a pretty slushy ground, some blue sky and sun. The mountains were in clear sight and it was very pretty out. Sunna and I went to the bakery where I enjoyed a sukkulidbitakaka (chocolate chip cookie) and hot chocolate, yumm. Zelia,as always, fell fast asleep (well, she was screaming from being tired and Sunna gave me a pacifier to try, called a duta, and she took it!!!!).

Zelia is in her carriage sleeping inside, Jacob is working and I am here writing. As I look outside again the mountains are gone and it is snowing a bit again. We decided not to go to Betty's farm for the night but we will go for the day tomorrow.

Shabbat Shalom