Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A great day

On a beautiful snowy morning, Zelia and I went to the church for the mommy and me group. All wrapped up in the wrap we headed out and actually bumped into Sunna and Hedi who are two moms in the swimming group. Their sons Stefan and Alexander are a month old and younger than Z. We walked together to the church, which is a good thing becuase I had understood it to be somewhere else. Some of the babies stayed outside sleeping in their buggies in the snow. I asked, all these buggies come from Sweden and they have wireless monitors they take inside with them. Taking off our shoes before heading in, I had a chance to speak with Hedi a little more. Keep in mind I do not know how to spell any names and am not always sure I am hearing them correctly...

Anyway, in we went to a hall in the church. Some kids were on the floor on a mat, most were in their mother's arms. I got settled on the floor with Zelia and saw the swimming teacher, Gubny. No one introduced themselves and no introduced me, we sat on the floor with some others and eventually, slowly, conversation with different moms began. I spent most of my time with Hedi and learning about her and then with Sunna. Sunna was interested in the Hoppediz wrap and then called another mom over when I was putting it on. We decided that next Wednesday I will bring both it and the Moby for people to try. The moms have all sorts of backgrounds just like in the US, one is a single mom, another trying to complete her high school (not high school aged, but going back), others changing careers. (School here is mandatory until 16, but otherwise continues until you are 20.) The woman most interested in the wrap, I cannot remember her name, said, oh you are the one I have seen with the Phil and Teds (the double stroller we have) and she said she had one to and that they just began selling them here this summer. By the time I left I felt very welcomed and excited at potential new friends. Unfortunately for me Sunna heads to Denmark to continue her studies Jan 1.

We came home, had grilled sandwiches for lunch (it;s now a regular thing) and headed for a nice 2 hour nap together - Jacob returned from studying and we went for a walk and to get fresh bread. I love that! Every other day or so we head out to the bakery and choose from a wide selection of great, hearty, nutty breads.

Zelia has had quite a day herself. Earlier today she decided she could begin letting go so check out her standing balance. So far she has grabbed back on in time and now, as I am writing this she began picking up cheerios and getting them into her mouth on her own. It's amazing, something there seem to be no baby steps, one day she can't do it and then all of a sudden she can - genetic development is amazing! Here's another video...