Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Snowy Day

So, we woke in the morning yesterday to find it snowing and howling outside. The snow was accumulating on the ground and we bundled up to go out to do a few errands before heading to rehearsal. Zelia was even dressed in her capilene layer. I was on a mission to buy some yarn for the knitting evening and was able to get what I needed without using any English. Now that doesn't mean I only used Icelandic but we communicated without the English crutch and that was important to me.

We spent most of rehearsal talking about this weekend's performance and improvising together. Today we are meeting to walk around and look at the sights where we will be dancing and see what other decisions we need to make about our scores. There seems to be a lot being planned for this weekend which is very exciting. There is a new space opening up where yoga and hopefully other things will be happening. There is going to be a knitting relay competition and who knows what else!!!

The Icelandic class was a bit of a wash for me as we are working to get Zelia used to her babysitter, Dagbjort. She is a very sweet girl and Zelia will love her with time. The thing is that very important things were taught, oh well, I will catch up.

Two nights ago Jacob went out to fish and came back with a box full of cod - no he didn't catch them. As he was fishing on the docks a boat pulled in with their catch and asked if he wanted fish. He said yes and before he knew it several large cod were thrown up for him to take home. We have been eating yummy fish and Zelia is thrilled about it.

So, after dinner I went to the Edinborghhus to go to the knitting circle. Danielle, Henry, Tanja and Astrid came as well. It was great to see some familiar faces and to practice some more Icelandic. I really think this is the best way for me to learn, to be in situations where I can figure out questions and learn new vocabulary. It was while we were there that the knitting competition was created - isn't it funny!

Some things I have noticed and surprised me: This is not a punctual place, huh? Are you surprised? I really am. Who knows what assumptions I had about Icelanders...Also they are not early risers. This was funny because while at knitting we were talking about the pilates class and there were comments made about it being so dark at 6:30AM - I laughed and said but it's going to be dark at 11 soon so what's the difference...Unfortunately I think the lack of desire to wake early is affecting my class, we shall see what happens.

This morning is absolutely gorgeous. Jacob has taken out the camera to get some shots so we will upload them later. The sky is clear, the ground is covered in snow, the light is really soft and Zelia is fast asleep at 8:50AM. I think she might be in a growth spurt, she is sleeping a lot!

Ciao for now.

oops the card is gone so I can't put up the few pictures from yesterday...later