Sunday, October 19, 2008

She stood!!!!

Hi, Just a little hello. Last night we were sitting in our kitchen. Jacob, Zelia and I were on the floor, Traian, Danielle and Tanja were over and we were all eating some ice cream with chocolate sauce and peanut butter, oh yeah...and Zelia all of a sudden let go of everything, looked right and left and right and left, was in total shock and then went down on her tush. How about that??? When we all cheered she was very excited.

Jacob's fishing last night was very successful and he returned with 5 cod. He made his cod and corn chowder again which is so amazing and is back out there again. He was in studying all day and needed to get out.

I decided that knitting from a pattern in Icelandic is what I need to do. SO, I went through the magazines Gerdur brought me and I chose a mitten (vettlingur) pattern and will begin tomorrow when we all get together. I do need to go and get some yarn so will choose between Icelandic yarn or some of the yarn from Norway which is so nice. Either way, I figure this is going to be the way to learn.

The wind howled all night and it got cold, a definite change in the air. The heat has been turned up.

Nothing else to report. Hope everyone had great weekends.