Tuesday, October 7, 2008

rain and wind

All night the wind howled and still has not stopped. I headed out to the gym this morning wearing my rain pants and the walk home was a bit tricky. There were definitely steps when a gust came so hard I wasn't sure if I would get my foot down in front of me. Fun!

yesterday's library visit was fun and I learned a few new words from the kids' books. Zelia mostly crawled around and pulled herself up on every surface she could find. While there we saw Katri again and we were able to talk a bit more about dance things and Iceland. I feel there is hope for this language since she is speaking and has been here only since January. I am still waiting for the course to begin but in the meantime she has sent me a place to learn online. For her, the teaching has helped her learn. hopefully if everything works out with the pilates it will be the same for me. I am giving my class tonight at 5!

The plumbers are here replacing the pipes in our part of the house. We have had almost no water pressure in either sink nor the shower. It will be great for the shower, especially, to work better. Needless to say it can get quite loud in here, so Zelia and I will have to find a quieter part of the house to sleep. Here are a few videos of Zelia, getting ready for bed, playing, hanging out in the morning, just for fun.