Monday, November 16, 2009

Love this Picture

Abby took this when we went sheep gathering at Betty´s farm

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Second to last week in Isafjordur

Our emotions have run from extreme sadness and loss to happiness to see family and friends, from anxiety about what will be and where we will go, to concern and anger over the state of heath care in the US and the way it locks us in and is the driving factor in our decisions....

All the meanwhile, trying to keep things as steady and normal as possible for Zelia, whose sleeping has become a bit more fitful and I am sure it is no coincidence. For me I have finally begun to make the needed attitude adjustment to return with positive and forward thinking energy trying to stay present and focused on what is happening now and not in a month or even further. I am forever thankful for Baki's good advice - only make the decisions you have to. whew it has become a mantra for me.

On Friday night we had Gisli, Gerdur, Tomas and Tray over for Shabbat dinner - hard ti imagine not sharing our meals with them...

Last Saturday we took Zelia to the sports morning. I knew it was happening but had not realized that she was old enough to join. So we walked to the sport's complex and found ourselves in the large gym full of children of all ages, mostly ranging from Zelia (almost 21 months) to 10. The gym was set up with a trampoline, climbing ropes, hockey sticks, balance beam, large balls, mats, soccer balls and goals, running with batons, basketball, bean bag tossing, jumping - it was fabulous and Zelia had a great time and tried everything which was so neat. After that we all headed to Gerdur's store for music time. She was pretty tired but ate and listened and had a good nap after that.

The week itself was pretty uneventful and we were preparing, mentally, for our departure. On Wednesday we went swimming with Heidy, Alexander and Sigga. It is so cute ecause Zeia and Alexander walk to the pool holding hands the whole way!!!

The staff at the University Centre had a goodbye party for me and 2 others at Peter's house on Thursday night. It was lovely and we each got an amazing print of a photograph of the snow covered fjords.... As our sadness and some anxiety climbed, Jacob got two emails - both from positions in Maine, one asking for references and writing samples and the other for a phone interview - YAY. We will see. They are both way up close to Canada, in places that will feel somewhat like here which makes us happy. We will report if anything comes of it.

That night Tray watched Zelia as she slept and we made small hallot for Gerdur to sell at the store - they sold well I believe.

On Friday night we wree invited to a goodbye dinner with Heidy, Sigga, Alexander, and Eduard. We had some lam, potatoes and cake, perfectly Icelandic. they are a great family and they have certainly enriched our time here.

Yesterday, we headed to the sports morning again and then to music - have to take advantage before we leave...Did I mention i bought lopi wool for 4 sweaters that are now packed with the skis and fishing rods....Last night we had a pot-luck dinner with our neighbors, David and Gabriella (current professor). Jacob had been given a wild goose by some very nice people in town and he prepared it. I must admit it was delicious and I am sure that the gravy and blueberry sauce. Today he is off hunting and we will go to the pool eventually.

here is a video of Zelia dancing with Jamie...check out her moves, do I see some break dancing/modern dance happening????

Thursday, November 5, 2009

A regular Day

I picked Zelia up from school today and she asked for Gerdur, but Gerdur had the day off so we didn't go and visit her. Instead we came home and shared two sandwiches and it was just so sweet. she loved them and ate like a usual:)

Sunday, November 1, 2009


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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Goodnight Moon

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Solborg - what a school

Zelia and Jacob and I LOVE her school, besides being loving, creative, exploratory and simple they spend 3 hours a day outside during the 8 hour day. Zelia is only there for 5 hours so isn't out for that long but still....The other day I got there to pick her up and she was outside and I could smell a fire burning. I went out and all the children and teachers were together sitting in a circle on logs, there was a fire, a tri-pod and a big pot of juice hanging over the fire - perfect. I really wish I had had a camera with me it was such a wonderful event. It was cold and sunny and perfect. At first Zelia wasn't interested in drinking the juice but when I told her it was tea she sucked it down. We will miss this irreplaceable place.

out and about

This weekend began by making Hallah with Etienne and then hosting a great pot-luck Shabbat dinner. Everyone here was laughing how they will continue celebrating Shabbat even once we are not here. That was nice:) Zelia loves it and sings part of "hayom yom shishi" she says Shabbat, kipa, yain and einu (short for what she hears when we say the blessings - eloheinu)whenever she sees a candle.

Yesterday we went to a slatur making party at Gisli's parents' house. Every year at this time 4 families get together, buy several kits and get preparing. Slatur is an Icelandic sausage either made with liver or blood, yesterday they were making both, I probably don't have to tell you that Zelia LOVES it. On Friday they began by sewing the stomachs and on Saturday by the time we arrived there were 4 people sitting at the table cutting up fat and two people around a large tub, one woman with her arm up to her elbow in the mixture of liver, milk, oats, rye flour, salt and ground cloves. When the mixture as ready - the wooden spoon would stand in it the stuffing began. Jacob had a go and stuffed a few, then the stomachs were secured closed with a long nail! In total they made over 100 sausages, most to be frozen for the year and a few left for a big meal that night. We headed back over to the same house at 6:30 for dinner. In the dining room there was a large electric "pot" where the slatur had been oiling for 3 hours. the tale was set and out came boiled potatoes, white sauce and both mashed and cut up rutabaga. I could not get over the blood sausage and didn't try it but I did take several bites of Zelia's liver sausage. Now, I HATE liver, but this didn't taste like liver and if I liked lam I would have devoured it. It was super tender, very flavorful and I could really understand why it is loved...oh that lamb flavor, if only I liked it!

Zelia ate and then was off following the different children around and playing. We finished with a delicious cake called something Dream and headed home.

This morning, Zelia and I slept in until almost 9 and had a nice slow wake-up. We all had breakfast together and Zelia had so much fun playing with her legos. then we went out for a walk and to the park before heading back for her nap.

This afternoon was quiet, Jacob went to work and we had a nice afternoon. We had dinner with Jamie and then Tray came over and we all watched Food Inc together. It is safe to say we are all pretty upset...not that it was all new information but just astounding how tremendously sick our food system is, it made me very sad and very angry. ahhhh, when we return we will continue to eat mindfully making more and more changes to our diet and food purchasing. If you haven't seen it, I cannot recommend it enough.

Sunday morning is perfect for legos

Friday, October 23, 2009

Dancing on Shabbat

Zelia in and out of the Cubbard

Tunnel to Bolungarvik

Last Sunday evening we drove with Tray and Debbie to meet David (geologist from Switzerland) to see the progress on the tunnel through the mountain so that people will not have to drive on the most dangerous road in Iceland. the work has been hard and they were taken by surprise when they upon a large section of sedimentary rock. this stuff is amazing. Back at David's for dinner he put a piece in a glass of water and it just dissolved! They have to enforce the end of the tunnel with cement shot (they spray this stuff and it has steel fibers in it) then drill with this huge machine called a Jambo, and then explosives are put in and bam! The explosives are also pretty amazing, made of two non-explosive ingredients so the transport is super safe.

After the tour, with hard hats and ear plugs we went back to David's for dinner with Franzie, Bertrand, Joelle and Luke. These are pictures from Franzie - they are both from the clamming and then from the dinner.