Friday, October 23, 2009

Tunnel to Bolungarvik

Last Sunday evening we drove with Tray and Debbie to meet David (geologist from Switzerland) to see the progress on the tunnel through the mountain so that people will not have to drive on the most dangerous road in Iceland. the work has been hard and they were taken by surprise when they upon a large section of sedimentary rock. this stuff is amazing. Back at David's for dinner he put a piece in a glass of water and it just dissolved! They have to enforce the end of the tunnel with cement shot (they spray this stuff and it has steel fibers in it) then drill with this huge machine called a Jambo, and then explosives are put in and bam! The explosives are also pretty amazing, made of two non-explosive ingredients so the transport is super safe.

After the tour, with hard hats and ear plugs we went back to David's for dinner with Franzie, Bertrand, Joelle and Luke. These are pictures from Franzie - they are both from the clamming and then from the dinner.