Sunday, October 4, 2009

Shabbat Sukkot

On Friday, Jamie came over to learn about making hallah and we prepared for a house pot-luck shabbat/Sukkot.

I have not mentioned that our house has changed dramatically with the new students' arrival. There are 3 apartments in the house and each if full now. Next door live Jamie (USA), Etienne (France) and Deb (Wales), upstairs like Arastou (Iran), Devanand (Mauritius) and Lauma (Latvia) - it is quite the international house. I am happy to report that Zelia has fallen in love with both Jamie and Debbie (as she calls her), she talks about them constantly and especially loves to dance with Jamie and play on the couch with Deb.

So, by 6:30 we were getting things together and Max arrived. We had a fish and vegetarian meal that was delicious and mostly from the dumpster, yes you read correctly. Jamie and Jacob LOVE to dumpster dive together and usually come home with loads of food. Icelandic law requires that the markets throw away all food a day before their sell by date, so a lot of very good food is wastefully thrown away. This is not so different from the US or any country I suppose with such a surplus. Anyway, much of the meal was prepared from such bounty:) The menu: cucumber and feta salad, mashed rutabaga, vegetable rice dish, cooked beets, cut up fruit, cookies and apple pie.

On Saturday, we woke to more snow and cold temperatures and after a morning inside playing (check out the video) we walked to Gerdur's store for music time. There are more young children there now as the sports morning has begun for the older kids. Then when we got back Zelia and I enjoyed an hour and a half nap, fabulous. Tray came for dinner and Jacob made delicious fish tacos - wow, spectacular with homemade tortillas....

I write about food a lot, don't I????

This morning, Sunday, is spectacular, the mountains are covered in snow there is snow down here on the roads and the sky is clear and sunny. We had a lovely skype visit with Katri, Jukka and Pyry and realize just how much we miss them. Time to plan a trip to Helsinki! After we got off the call Zelia kept looking at the computer and saying Pyry, Pyry.....

When Zelia wakes from her nap we are heading to Dyrafjordur with Gisli, David, Bertram, Francie and children and Deb to go clamming:)