Thursday, October 8, 2009


Last Sunday, once Zelia woke from her nap we headed in caravan style to Dyrafjordur for some clams and mussels (blue shells as they are called here). The drive was beautiful, the mountains covered in fresh snow and the sky blue.

We all arrived at the bottom of the fjord - Gisli, Gerdur, Jacob, David, Debz, Bertram, Francie and their two children Joelle and Luke. I think Luke is about 3 months old and probably wins the record for youngest clammer ever!

It was cold and lovely and you could pick the blue shells like berries, just the top of the shells sticking out of the wet sand and sometimes clumped together with others and small rocks. The clams are harder to find, especially since they dig down quickly as you go after them.

It was a great success and we all met up at Gisli and Gerdur's for a big feast. You would not have believed the size of the pot of blue shells being cooked up and Jacob made delicious fried clams, yummm, add to that wine and a delicious blueberry pie and we were satisfied!


Mari Robert said...

Hi, Spending a month in Iceland this summer. Would love to get info on clamming. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks, Martin and Ruta