Sunday, October 25, 2009

Solborg - what a school

Zelia and Jacob and I LOVE her school, besides being loving, creative, exploratory and simple they spend 3 hours a day outside during the 8 hour day. Zelia is only there for 5 hours so isn't out for that long but still....The other day I got there to pick her up and she was outside and I could smell a fire burning. I went out and all the children and teachers were together sitting in a circle on logs, there was a fire, a tri-pod and a big pot of juice hanging over the fire - perfect. I really wish I had had a camera with me it was such a wonderful event. It was cold and sunny and perfect. At first Zelia wasn't interested in drinking the juice but when I told her it was tea she sucked it down. We will miss this irreplaceable place.