Sunday, April 25, 2010

gorgeous weather

The first day of summer was this past Thursday and Jacob and Zelia were home. We spent the morning getting photographed by Katie, one of the artist residence...wanted to get pregnancy photos. It was a lot of fun.

Then Friday Zelia was still home and Jacob was busy getting ready for the Biopol grand opening. They never had an official ceremony. At 4 we were all to meet at the office for official welcomes and speeches. We planned to bring Zelia to that and then later she would stay with Gudrun Anna while we went to cocktails and dinner. Zelia did a great job listening and loved when people clapped. Plus she made good friends with a girl who was serving drinks - new babysitter. There were two tables, one with seal and one with porpoise. I am not sure how they were prepared, but cut into cubes and served with a sauce. Zelia did not like the seal but LOVED the porpoise! She has the widest palate - love it.

We headed home home and waited for Gudrun Anna, Zelia sat at the window waiting for her to come. There was fish soup for them to have for dinner and we talked to her about being put to bed. Then we left for the cafe for coktails. It is such a nice buiding with a beautiful view of the water...there was wine and appetizers there. Then a much smaller group headed to Kantrybaer, the restaurant, for a formal meal to celebrate. A professor of Jacob's from last year who lives in Husavik was also invited and was staying with us. We sat at a long table and had a great time, lots of wine, good food and laughing. The other long table was filled with academics from the university of Iceland and they were always getting up and giving talks, reciting poetry and telling stories. Apparently this is an old tradition, where people improvise and respond to each other - funny I remember this happening in Panama but in song:) Far away but not always so different.

Zelia was not allowing Gudrun Anna to put her to sleep so they kept on playing. At around 10pm we got another message that Zelia was sitting on the couch waiting for her Daddy, that she wouldn't play and was SO tired, but every time bed was even mentioned she would just cry....I know her and this would literally last all night! We headed home and got her to sleep and called it a night ourselves.

In the morning we woke, Marianne was here and Zelia was on top of the world - she loves when people stay over. We had a breakfast of pancakes which Zelia basically refused but enjoyed an egg and fish soup instead:) Then we drove to Saudarkrokur to swim. It was SO beautiful out - the sun was bright, no clouds and it was practically warm! Johanna and family showed up as well and menitoned that there was a business fair in the sports house so when we finished we went over there. What a blast, the place was packed with booths from every business in town, lots of delicious food to try and things to look at. Needless to say, by the time we finished there, Zelia was beat. We headed to the store quickly for some yarn (Jacob is working on his 3rd project- felted indoor clogs) and then home. On the way back we got the CD of pictures from Thursday, yay.

Once we got home we just hung out outside it was so beautiful. Jack needed the outside playing and Zelia was having SO much fun digging in the snow that was left with Jacob - the videos are great. Burgers for dinner...yummmmmmmm

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Zelia Videos

Zelia came home form her first 4 hour day at leikskoli yesterday and told Jacob that she cried and cried and cried because she wanted Ima. When we spoke with her about it more later and this morning before going back again, Jacob said, you know you don't need to cry, I ma will always come and get you, and she said, I cry if I want Ima.....but she is eating very well and the day was a bit better.

It has been a while since I took videos, so here is one afternoon just playing around, dancing with Daddy, saying the aleph-bet.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Hike with NES

On Thursday evening we went to NES, the artist residency, for their monthly pot luck dinner. It was not only delicious but a lot of fun. There were several new artists, mostly from Australia and some members of the board - funny how they were all from yoga class:) At dinner we learned that on Saturday they were getting together for a hike with someone from town with a lot of stories about the place and the trolls that live here:)

On Saturday morning Jacob left at 4am to sample with Halldor, so Zelia and I were on our own. After playing together we headed to Blondous to do our grocery shopping and to hang up flyers about yoga and pilates which will begin this week. On our return, Zelia fell asleep and made the transition into the house. I have not been sleeping well and was getting a cold so enjoyed the nap time as well. Once up we got her in the wrap, Jack on the leash and met the folks by the pool for our hike. Jacob, Zelia nd I had done the same walk only a week earlier in knee deep snow at it was almost all gone. It was cold, but beautiful outside and finally poor Jack got the walk he needed.

I did have a few moments where I thought, what am I doing, 6 months pregnant, a toddler on my back, a crazy dog on the leash, hiking on unsteady ground. We had a blast and headed home after about an hour. A bit later we headed to Olafia's house, she runs the residency, where she was hosting the artists for ponnukokur, banana bread and coffee. Zelia had SO much fun playing with Sara and Sophie.

Jacob returned home VERY late Saturday night with lots more fish to fillet. Today we got up and hung around the house. Both Jacob and Zelia ate fish for breakfast. Then Jacob made fish soup for lunch and we drove to Saudarkrokur for a swim. Both of us were feeling pretty blech, but it was so nice to sit in the hot pots and swim a few lazy laps. Afterward, we went to see Johanna and had coffee and delicious cake.

We just ate a delicious meal of lemon sole and Zelia was beat asking for bed.

Tomorrow she goes to leikskoli for 4 hours, having both breakfast and lunch there so it's a big day.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Regular days

Here are some pictures from around the house....the coat rack Zelia and Jacob made, Zelia in her favorite pajamas and licking the cake batter.

First day alone at Leikskoli

It was a success, she just chose not to play outside and stay with one of her favorite teaches Ceci.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Such a nice Shabbat and weekend

Shabbat dinner was delicious and with great company Halldor, Sigga and Gudrun Anna came over. Pali and Oli were still skiing and would be by later. Jacob and I made Panamanian meat pie (the best one we have made yet, it was actually a bit spicier than I meant but delicious and we finally succeeded in making a pie crust), rice with corn, Israeli salad and Jacob made a skyr, greek yogurt "cheese cake" for dessert, yummmmmmm. Throughout dinner, Zelia could not keep her hands off of Gudrun, hugging her, kissing her, sittng on her lap, eating her food - I love watching her love other people. When we were about finished with dinner Oli and Pali came and Zelia was thrilled. At one point Oli and Pali were outside and she loved watching them through the window. She was just in a shirt and diaper and put her rain boots on. Pali came inside and all of a sudden we heard the door and there she was outside splashing in the big puddle that Oli was taking the water out of with a shovel (Zelia said, hu mefaneh et ha-mayim). We got some pictures and we were all laughing inside, it was very funny.

On Saturday morning, we took our car!!!!! Yes, we bought a car this week, a Renault sedan, little but great for us now, for a trip. We contacted Johanna and drove over the mountain to Saudarkrokur to the pool. It felt so good to be able to go and do something. The pool was great, an outdoor pool for laps and two hot pots of differet temperatures. Jacob and I took turns doing laps (I did 10!) and playing in the hot pot. It was perfect, large rain drops were falling from a very gray sky.

We did a few errands and drove home. Zelia fell fast asleep in the car and then continued to sleep in her bed. While she was sleeping big Oli (Oi's grandfather came) and we did the official purchase of the car, very exciting. He was so sweet and gave Zelia 5000isk to start a piggy bank - all Icelandic children apparently get one immediately. Later we walked to his house to get a drill and had tea and kleinur with Gunna, his wife. the wind was blowing so hard it was crazy! Zelia was bundled up on Jacob's back and was loving it, it was a warm wind so a bit different than previous wind storms.

Lovely fish for dinner and to bed. This morning we woke and Jacob made home made English muffins which we enjoyed with eggs, so good! The rest of the morning was spent fixing up the house and cleaning. Several weeks ago Jacob found an old piece of wood, probably had been drift wood and then used for a fence post to make a coat rack. Zelia loves helping him with the tools and kept talking about how they were working together and how we are a family standing together, eating together, working together. Very sweet. The coat rack looks really neat!

The wind is coming and going so we will see what we will do later in the afternoon, but hopefully we will get out for a walk.

Oh - I got good news at the end of the week Zelia will begin leikskoli next Thursday, we are VERY excited. We have spoken several times about her staying there without me and at least in conversation she is excited.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Zelia stories

The day after Pesach Zelia and I made bread which came out of the oven just in time for lunch. Jacob, Zelia and I sat each with a hot piece of bread in front of us. Zelia looked at the bread, looked at us and said "Shalom Aleichem" I could not believe it and started laughing and then asked Jacob if he got funny. Our Shabbat song about welcoming angels became a hello bread tune.

Yesterday we were getting ready to head to visit the midwife and I was telling Zelia that that's what we would be doing and picking Jacob up on the way. all of a sudden she came to me with my knitting. I am making a jumpsuit for the baby. She said he needs to put his pants on, I asked who and she said the baby. She thought we would be coming back from this visit with the baby and he needed his pants. No we have no idea whether it's a boy or a girl.

Zelia woke from her nap and the hallah had just come out of the oven. She went into the kitchen and ran back to me to tell me she saw the hallah. Then she went back in and I could hear her saying, it's so good and it's so sweet and I will eat it when Pali and Oli get here.

Latley, Zelia pretends that she has people and things in between her little fingers. So if we are out for a walk and she ants her bunny we can give her a pretend one and a pretend pacifier. She often leave the room and comes back with Saba and Amama in her hands. the other day they were "with us" and she put them on chair while we ate lunch and she fed them as well. Many hours later, at dinner, i sat in the chair and she exclaimed "you're sitting on Saba and Amama."
yesterday she took Sigga, Halldor, Pali, Oli and Gudrun Anna out of her little car and sat them all on the couch. Then when it was time to sleep she brought Pali and Oli to the bed, put them on the pillow and lay down next to them. When she woke 2 hours later she said they were still sleeping. Eventually they woke and they went somewhere else with her.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Snow storm

Well it snowed and it snowed and of course once Jacob left the wind got even stronger and it was totally wild outside. Yesterday when we woke I thought, no leikskoli again, but Halldor came and drove us. It was blowing so hard even Jack didn't want to go outside and he LOVES the snow. We got ready and he had to carry Zelia over 4 feet of snow that surrounded the house!!!! It was like the opposite of a mote! Crazy. If he weren't such a good driver we would have gone nowhere. By the time he came to bring us home they had plowed the road so it was a lot better.

The rest of the day we spent inside, relaxing and eventually we made some matzah meal cookies - they actually were quite good, but too sweet. A new friend from yoga came with her gorgeous son for a visit around 5 and it was SO nice to spend some time getting to know each other some. I really like her. She actually spent some time in NY and her Engish is excellent. She teaches here in the school.

Jacob did make it home quite late from Reyakjavik and when we woke this morning it was sunny out!!!!!! Without wasting too much time we ate and dressed and headed outside because the weather could change at any moment. I put Zelia in the sled and we headed to the park for a bit. There were moments when I was walking through almost thigh deep snow! We played for a bit and then continued on to the grocery store. We were about 20 minutes early but they were so nice and let us in to shop anyway.

Once back at home we played outside with Jack and had a blast. here are pictures of all the snow! Now fresh bread is baking - Zelia is especially excited after Pesach I think and I am aking meat pie filling for Shabbat dinner on Friday, when Halldor, Sigga and family will be joining us.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Vacation

Jacob is off from work from yesterday, Thursday through Monday for Easter vacation.

After work on Wednesday, I again went to teach yoga while Jacob made a feast. We were having guests - friends from Isafjordur who had been on a road trip, were coming from the east to spend the night. It was great to have David (Switzerland), Petra (Auland Islands), Abby and Will (Philadelphia) with us. Jacob roasted a leg of lamb (from the lamb we bought in Isafjordur from the farmer) potatoes, gravy and beets - very Icelandic meal. Earlier in the day Zelia and I had made chocolate toffee matzah so we had a nice dessert and good wine to boot! Zelia was so excited to have a house ful of people. Since she was 7 months old until now she has always lived in a somewhat communal house and it has been quiet as just the three of us. She pulled Abby and Petra along to do everything with her.

In the morning, Jacob made delicious Pesach yogurt pancakes, we ate and headed in the car. A new book came out last year with all the natural hot pots in Iceland and we were off to find one. We were headed to Saudarkrokur but this time around the peninsula instead of over the mountain. It was an absolutely gorgeous ride, but it was blowing and snowing and cold. There were fabulous cliffs falling into the sea, farms scattered about with horses and beautiful mountains - also some great rock islands off the coast. It was especially spectacular when we were at the open sea...the North Sea.... After a long drive we headed off the to a smaller road toward the hot pot. If we had not been in a big truck we would NEVER have made it. There were times when it was completely unclear where the road was and David was driving through knee deep snow - quite an adventure. We eventually found the hot pots which were very beautiful and built up with stones...but the water was only about 38 degrees (body temperature) and we were not going in - actually the minute we didn't see steam rising we knew we were going to be disappointed. David jumped in but the rest of us stayed in the car.

We drove back and into the town of Saudarkrokur which I think is adorable. Starving, we checked the bakery - but no food that we could eat and then headed to Olafhus, the town's restaurant where they had a salad bar. Back at the house, coffee for the guests and they were on their way back to isafjorur. The three of us relaxed, bathed, ate and watched the Business of Being Born. Please, please, please watch this, whoever you are, whatever age you is very well done. here is a link for it,

Today we woke to more snow but not as much wind., Jacob is suffering through doing taxes and Zelia and I have been playing, making Matzah bri and mandelbrot - Arnice's recipe. We are hoping to take it later to Halldor and Sigga's house. We had a nice visit with them and with Sigga's parents who were in town visiting.

On Sunday night we were invited back to their house for Easter dinner with rjupa - ptarmigan, roast beef, potatoes, red cabbage, apple salad, corn, peas, gravy, DELICIOUS! they were so nice that they even made the gravy using our cake meal instead of flour:) It was a feast. Jacob had made chocolate pudding so we brought that and shared for dessert. Zelia had such a good time running aorund with the kids and was up playing until 10. needless to say she fell asleep within minutes of getting in her bed.

On Monday we had most of the day together but Jacob had to head to Bluondos to hitch a ride to Reykjavik for his tuesday morning appointment.