Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Hike with NES

On Thursday evening we went to NES, the artist residency, for their monthly pot luck dinner. It was not only delicious but a lot of fun. There were several new artists, mostly from Australia and some members of the board - funny how they were all from yoga class:) At dinner we learned that on Saturday they were getting together for a hike with someone from town with a lot of stories about the place and the trolls that live here:)

On Saturday morning Jacob left at 4am to sample with Halldor, so Zelia and I were on our own. After playing together we headed to Blondous to do our grocery shopping and to hang up flyers about yoga and pilates which will begin this week. On our return, Zelia fell asleep and made the transition into the house. I have not been sleeping well and was getting a cold so enjoyed the nap time as well. Once up we got her in the wrap, Jack on the leash and met the folks by the pool for our hike. Jacob, Zelia nd I had done the same walk only a week earlier in knee deep snow at it was almost all gone. It was cold, but beautiful outside and finally poor Jack got the walk he needed.

I did have a few moments where I thought, what am I doing, 6 months pregnant, a toddler on my back, a crazy dog on the leash, hiking on unsteady ground. We had a blast and headed home after about an hour. A bit later we headed to Olafia's house, she runs the residency, where she was hosting the artists for ponnukokur, banana bread and coffee. Zelia had SO much fun playing with Sara and Sophie.

Jacob returned home VERY late Saturday night with lots more fish to fillet. Today we got up and hung around the house. Both Jacob and Zelia ate fish for breakfast. Then Jacob made fish soup for lunch and we drove to Saudarkrokur for a swim. Both of us were feeling pretty blech, but it was so nice to sit in the hot pots and swim a few lazy laps. Afterward, we went to see Johanna and had coffee and delicious cake.

We just ate a delicious meal of lemon sole and Zelia was beat asking for bed.

Tomorrow she goes to leikskoli for 4 hours, having both breakfast and lunch there so it's a big day.