Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Vacation

Jacob is off from work from yesterday, Thursday through Monday for Easter vacation.

After work on Wednesday, I again went to teach yoga while Jacob made a feast. We were having guests - friends from Isafjordur who had been on a road trip, were coming from the east to spend the night. It was great to have David (Switzerland), Petra (Auland Islands), Abby and Will (Philadelphia) with us. Jacob roasted a leg of lamb (from the lamb we bought in Isafjordur from the farmer) potatoes, gravy and beets - very Icelandic meal. Earlier in the day Zelia and I had made chocolate toffee matzah so we had a nice dessert and good wine to boot! Zelia was so excited to have a house ful of people. Since she was 7 months old until now she has always lived in a somewhat communal house and it has been quiet as just the three of us. She pulled Abby and Petra along to do everything with her.

In the morning, Jacob made delicious Pesach yogurt pancakes, we ate and headed in the car. A new book came out last year with all the natural hot pots in Iceland and we were off to find one. We were headed to Saudarkrokur but this time around the peninsula instead of over the mountain. It was an absolutely gorgeous ride, but it was blowing and snowing and cold. There were fabulous cliffs falling into the sea, farms scattered about with horses and beautiful mountains - also some great rock islands off the coast. It was especially spectacular when we were at the open sea...the North Sea.... After a long drive we headed off the to a smaller road toward the hot pot. If we had not been in a big truck we would NEVER have made it. There were times when it was completely unclear where the road was and David was driving through knee deep snow - quite an adventure. We eventually found the hot pots which were very beautiful and built up with stones...but the water was only about 38 degrees (body temperature) and we were not going in - actually the minute we didn't see steam rising we knew we were going to be disappointed. David jumped in but the rest of us stayed in the car.

We drove back and into the town of Saudarkrokur which I think is adorable. Starving, we checked the bakery - but no food that we could eat and then headed to Olafhus, the town's restaurant where they had a salad bar. Back at the house, coffee for the guests and they were on their way back to isafjorur. The three of us relaxed, bathed, ate and watched the Business of Being Born. Please, please, please watch this, whoever you are, whatever age you is very well done. here is a link for it,

Today we woke to more snow but not as much wind., Jacob is suffering through doing taxes and Zelia and I have been playing, making Matzah bri and mandelbrot - Arnice's recipe. We are hoping to take it later to Halldor and Sigga's house. We had a nice visit with them and with Sigga's parents who were in town visiting.

On Sunday night we were invited back to their house for Easter dinner with rjupa - ptarmigan, roast beef, potatoes, red cabbage, apple salad, corn, peas, gravy, DELICIOUS! they were so nice that they even made the gravy using our cake meal instead of flour:) It was a feast. Jacob had made chocolate pudding so we brought that and shared for dessert. Zelia had such a good time running aorund with the kids and was up playing until 10. needless to say she fell asleep within minutes of getting in her bed.

On Monday we had most of the day together but Jacob had to head to Bluondos to hitch a ride to Reykjavik for his tuesday morning appointment.