Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Snow storm

Well it snowed and it snowed and of course once Jacob left the wind got even stronger and it was totally wild outside. Yesterday when we woke I thought, no leikskoli again, but Halldor came and drove us. It was blowing so hard even Jack didn't want to go outside and he LOVES the snow. We got ready and he had to carry Zelia over 4 feet of snow that surrounded the house!!!! It was like the opposite of a mote! Crazy. If he weren't such a good driver we would have gone nowhere. By the time he came to bring us home they had plowed the road so it was a lot better.

The rest of the day we spent inside, relaxing and eventually we made some matzah meal cookies - they actually were quite good, but too sweet. A new friend from yoga came with her gorgeous son for a visit around 5 and it was SO nice to spend some time getting to know each other some. I really like her. She actually spent some time in NY and her Engish is excellent. She teaches here in the school.

Jacob did make it home quite late from Reyakjavik and when we woke this morning it was sunny out!!!!!! Without wasting too much time we ate and dressed and headed outside because the weather could change at any moment. I put Zelia in the sled and we headed to the park for a bit. There were moments when I was walking through almost thigh deep snow! We played for a bit and then continued on to the grocery store. We were about 20 minutes early but they were so nice and let us in to shop anyway.

Once back at home we played outside with Jack and had a blast. here are pictures of all the snow! Now fresh bread is baking - Zelia is especially excited after Pesach I think and I am aking meat pie filling for Shabbat dinner on Friday, when Halldor, Sigga and family will be joining us.