Sunday, April 25, 2010

gorgeous weather

The first day of summer was this past Thursday and Jacob and Zelia were home. We spent the morning getting photographed by Katie, one of the artist residence...wanted to get pregnancy photos. It was a lot of fun.

Then Friday Zelia was still home and Jacob was busy getting ready for the Biopol grand opening. They never had an official ceremony. At 4 we were all to meet at the office for official welcomes and speeches. We planned to bring Zelia to that and then later she would stay with Gudrun Anna while we went to cocktails and dinner. Zelia did a great job listening and loved when people clapped. Plus she made good friends with a girl who was serving drinks - new babysitter. There were two tables, one with seal and one with porpoise. I am not sure how they were prepared, but cut into cubes and served with a sauce. Zelia did not like the seal but LOVED the porpoise! She has the widest palate - love it.

We headed home home and waited for Gudrun Anna, Zelia sat at the window waiting for her to come. There was fish soup for them to have for dinner and we talked to her about being put to bed. Then we left for the cafe for coktails. It is such a nice buiding with a beautiful view of the water...there was wine and appetizers there. Then a much smaller group headed to Kantrybaer, the restaurant, for a formal meal to celebrate. A professor of Jacob's from last year who lives in Husavik was also invited and was staying with us. We sat at a long table and had a great time, lots of wine, good food and laughing. The other long table was filled with academics from the university of Iceland and they were always getting up and giving talks, reciting poetry and telling stories. Apparently this is an old tradition, where people improvise and respond to each other - funny I remember this happening in Panama but in song:) Far away but not always so different.

Zelia was not allowing Gudrun Anna to put her to sleep so they kept on playing. At around 10pm we got another message that Zelia was sitting on the couch waiting for her Daddy, that she wouldn't play and was SO tired, but every time bed was even mentioned she would just cry....I know her and this would literally last all night! We headed home and got her to sleep and called it a night ourselves.

In the morning we woke, Marianne was here and Zelia was on top of the world - she loves when people stay over. We had a breakfast of pancakes which Zelia basically refused but enjoyed an egg and fish soup instead:) Then we drove to Saudarkrokur to swim. It was SO beautiful out - the sun was bright, no clouds and it was practically warm! Johanna and family showed up as well and menitoned that there was a business fair in the sports house so when we finished we went over there. What a blast, the place was packed with booths from every business in town, lots of delicious food to try and things to look at. Needless to say, by the time we finished there, Zelia was beat. We headed to the store quickly for some yarn (Jacob is working on his 3rd project- felted indoor clogs) and then home. On the way back we got the CD of pictures from Thursday, yay.

Once we got home we just hung out outside it was so beautiful. Jack needed the outside playing and Zelia was having SO much fun digging in the snow that was left with Jacob - the videos are great. Burgers for dinner...yummmmmmmm