Sunday, May 2, 2010

That dog food is good - this one is for Aunt Laurie

Well, we were supposed to head to Reykjavik for the weekend but Jacob´s toe nail surgery ended up being a great deal more painful than expected so we changed our plans. After lots of meds, an extra trip to the doctor, by Saturday Jacob was feeling a lot better. We spent the day together relaxing and went to the Red Cross market and ate waffles.

In the evening we were hanging out in the living room and Jack and Zelia were in the hallway, we could hear Jack crunching away on his food. Jacob got up from his knitting (yes, he is making felted clogs, they look like so much fun I will make some as well) and began laughing. Zelia was on the floor munching away on Jack's dog food, with her cheeks full like a chipmunk! She was drinking from his bowl as good parents we grabbed the flip and took a video:) I will let it speak for itself.

Today we drove 2 hours to Akureyri. Zelia and I had never been and I even got to enjoy driving there. I have done very little driving in Iceland and it was so lovely. The drive was gorgeous, through an amazingly beautiful valley and over some mountains. We got to Akureyri and walked around the shopping street with Jack. Everything was closed, but we looked in the windows and just enjoyed it, very, very sweet. We were really there to hit the stores, Bonus, with which Zelia is obsessed, Toys R Us for a tool kit for her and some other odds and ends....blankets for guests, etc.

After its beginning it turned into a very nice weekend. Tomorrow Jacob will try to get to Reykjavik for his shots and I begin my kids' dance class!!!! Crazy, I am so excited to see how many show up...I will update. Two lovely girls are coming over to be with Zelia and hopefully the longer haul with them will work out.