Sunday, May 16, 2010

What a Sunday

We had a nice morning, Jacob made ponnukokur and we talked about what to do for the day. From the moment Justin woke, Zelia was at his side talking and playing with him. Tomorrow when he leaves she will be heart least she will look forward to leikskoli and in the end Jacob didn't leave tonight!

It had snowed at night and there was a light dusting on the top of the mountains. Jacob, Zelia, Jack and I went for a walk and at times the snow came down to us! It was cold and grey and overall not a nice day at all. We played inside and made some things with felt, including knuffle bunny and then enjoyed a yummy buttermilk, cauiflower soup that Jacob whipped up. After a nice nap, I called Solveig (the other owner of the sewing company) and asked if we could come and visit her farm. She had told me that she had lots of horses and several pregnant mares. I thought she had sheep as well, but was wrong. We drove to the farm and up the road to the farm house, there were horses everywhere and a tractor driving off in the fields. At the house we were greeted by two dogs, Solveig and Stefan her husband. They walked us around and showed us the 1 yr old stallions and then to the pregnant mares. Their main stallion, the breeding one, was close to the 12 pregnant mares. He was beautiful, 9 years old and chestnut and white. Jack was going crazy, barking and looking at the horses. We followed the mares out a bit and learned more about them, including two that are of 6 in the world whose coats change colors 4 times a year with the season, and they really change, white, brown, chestnut, black - amazing. After a while their dogs rounded up the mares and Jack ran with them, it was pretty funny to watch him.

their granddaughter, Alexandra 13, was the one driving hr tractor and she came to join us, Zelia was , of course, fascinated by her and tractor driving. We were told to come back next weekend when we might catch a birth and at the very least they expect a foal...yay. We would love to see some of the lambing as well, but don't know any of those farmers yet...I get the feeling we could knock on anyone's door, everyone is SO welcoming!

They are not a horse meat farm as I had assumed but mostly breed for riding and for selling abroad as riding horses. They mostly sell to Sweden, Denmark and Germany. We headed back to the house and had some coffee, tea and cookies. It was really a lovely visit and we were glad to have gone.

Justin got started making some vegetarian chili and we headed outside to play in the sunshine!!! Yes, it came out and was beautiful. Zelia was first playing with Jack and singing, then running with Jacob and eventually we were all outside just hanging out in the yard and lying on the grass. At one point she came outside totally naked!!!!! After a quick hug she went back in and brought her clothes:)

While eating our yummy meal Halldor called and we thought for sure Jacob would be heading out but he was just calling to see if he wanted to head up to a mountain lake for some fishing with him and Pali. So, the 4 of them have gone, Zelia is asleep and I am getting busy working on Ian's sweater!

Here are 2 videos, both mostly of Zelia. She is singing Somewhere over the Rainbow in one and then playing, in the second she is singing ABCs - ever since Justin got here she has been serenading him with that song!