Monday, May 17, 2010

Justin's visit....Things are Growing

We had a great 5 days with Justin, getting to know each other, playing, eating well and just hanging out. Honestly, now that he left it feels rather lonely.....Zelia totally fell in love and will be talking about him for a long time!!!

Here are some pictures from around the house, the flowers in bloom, the rhubarb beginning and the backyard playground:)

Zelia so badly wants to ride her bike, but the pedals are too far for her and it is not easy to get over the bumpy sidewalk...we would like to find her a balance bike and let her have at it!

The pool here has opened, but only for the kids' swimming lessons for school. It is so nice to see all the kids at various times of the day riding their bikes form school to the pool for a class and then back again. I love the freedom they have here.