Thursday, May 6, 2010

Zelia Stories and dreams

Zelia came into our bed around 5:30 and had a hard time settling. Once she got to eat some apple she eventually fell back asleep and woke at 7:30. Jacob went in to meet her and she said, "my dog ate my car" When I came in she repeated, "Jack achal at haotoim sheli". For the first time she shared a dream, so fun.

The other night as we were going to sleep she said to me, when the baby comes out then Saba and Amama will visit. Then the next morning we were talking about the baby coming out and when Jacob asked her how it was going to come out she said, "with it's the bathtub!" Lovely, watching all those water births have left an impression, so cute.

She is doing great at leikskoli and loves to go now. Her teachers, Ceci, Gogo, Sandra and Sigga are all her friends and she likes to tell us about them by saying this, "My friend who is Sandra...."She also likes to talk about the other children, Athena and Valdimar, siblings who live down the street, and Snaebjorn - she likes him!

The other day I looked at their menu and saw that was being served horse totally bothered me, I have not given her horse on purpose. I guess I could have asked them not to, but should have done it earlier. I know it is hypocritical, but it just bothers me....I will get over it I guess, but not me ever and never in my house!

The last few days with the babysitter have been pretty hard for her, I am not sure what is happening exactly but I think May will be hard because I am out teaching more in the's temporary which is good, poor girl.