Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Confirmation and Scarlet Fever

Jacob spent the end of the week out east tagging fish. Since Zelia and I had a 3 hour nap on Friday we waited for him to come home for Shabbat dinner. It was a beautiful meal, with fresh fish and hallah and Zelia said ALL of the brachot - it was amazing! She even sang Shalom Aleichem...the only thing she didn't do completely was the entire kiddush. It was so fun to watch.

On Saturday we were mostly home making wrapping paper for Gudrun Anna's confirmation present and just hanging out in the morning. It was a beautiful day so we headed out for a walk in the mountains. We tried to stop and see some baby lambs in the car but our approach and Jack's barking sent them running into the fields. They are SOOOOO cute though. We went into a sweet little valley with a flowing river and walked along it. Jack got to run like a maniac and Zelia just wanted to walk in the river, sit in it and drink from Jacob's hand. It was great. By the end she had stripped down to her undershirt and pants and was saying "Daddy, want to run with me?" in a clearing by the river. She loves to put a long strand of dry grass in her mouth and walk around like her Daddy. Eventually she took off on her own, across the mossy fields, the dirt road and toward the fence with a ladder to get over it. Jacob went running when we realized it was probably an electric fence. Truthfully it wouldn't have hurt her seriously but she would not have liked it! Plus we have been teaching her about barbed wire...

On the way back home we stopped at one of the NES houses and invited everyone for a BBQ. In the end Katie and Oona came and we had a really delicious meal. Oono made pizzas to grill and Jacob cooked up and amazingly delicious baked Turbot with lemons, artichokes and chick peas, Katie made a lime and mint brown rice and we ate!

By the end of the evening Zelia was getting a bit of a fever and was having a hard time staying asleep. We said good night to the girls and tried to help Zelia. She was doing this very odd shaking thing which was a bit scary and we called Grandpa. He said she would be developing a high fever soon and to watch carefully for a rash developing, at which point we should take her to the ER. We put her in our bed and got a bit of sleep on and off. She woke at 5 asking for some bread and when we got up I realized she was covered in red bumps. So we called the doctor and headed out to meet him in the hospital in Blondous by 6. We really like this guy and although he is only in town a week a month we seem to see him every time!!!! After ruling our meningitis the strep came back positive and we left with some antibiotics. Later on we spoke more with Grandpa who after a few more questions said....Scarlet Fever! Poor girl was RED all over.

In the afternoon I left alone for Gudrun Anna's confirmation at the church, which Zelia had really been looking forward to. I sat upstairs and it was really beautiful. The church itself is lovley, very simple, wood paneled ceilings and some stained glass toward the front. The 13 kids were sitting toward the front in their white robes and toward the end of the ceremony each kid was called up for communion with their entire family, it was very beautiful and moving. I returned home, grabbed the 6 loaves of hallah and headed to the party to slice them up. This was the one request Gudrun Anna had of me:) In the end we decided to take Zelia along with us for a short while, we promised her cake and she had been looking forward to this all week. She absolutely LOVES Gudrun Anna. The tables were set so nicely, there were several cakes and some savory dishes as well, and Gudrun Anna who plays the piano played for all of us. It was sad for Zelia to be kept away from the kids and the toys, but it had to be done. But don't feel too sad, she ate ice cream cake and brownies!!!!

By the evening her fever was gone and she spent all of Monday feverless. In the morning Zelia cried wanting to go to school, but it was a holiday and closed so we walked to the park to play and met a mom and her daughter visiting form Reykjavik, but they come here A LOT over the summer. Then in the afternoon we headed over to the NES open house. After dinner, Jacob went out to fish and after a bath together Zelia fell fast asleep. She had a great day at school yesterday and I came home from pilates to a delicious meal of freshly caught trout (Jacob caught a 45cm and 50 cm trout the night beofre) with teriyaki delicious! Zelia ate a fillet and a half all on her own.

Today she slept late and when we got to leikskoli she ran in without even saying goodbye. This is a big day for her as she will be spending the WHOLE day there until 4!!! She will sleep there and then take a ride in a big truck to the farm to see the lambs and horses. Fun.

The days have gotten very long, no more darkness, and the sun has been shining although it is quite cool out. The laundry gets hung outside with frozen fingers and we play in the grass a lot. The baby is constantly moving and we are getting more and more prepared for it. We have an apartment in Reykjavik for the birth and will head over there July 24. We are really excited and Zelia is as well, but she she knows there is a bit more to go and says, the baby isn't coming yet.

We are looking forward to an adventure this weekend to Husavik and Myvatn!!!! yay.