Friday, April 2, 2010


While Jacob was showering I checked my email quickly and saw an email from a man named Ken asking, is there a seder in Iceland? I wrote back quickly, said yes and call me, which he did! He had arrived that morning for work for a week and had never missed a seder:) We told him where to meet us.

We headed to find the church where everyone was waiting. We found them standing outside. Apparently there was a funeral and we could not get in yet. At around 6:30 we headed in and began getting ready. We met some of the community. On a whole, the majority of the community are such, people who met and married Icelanders...there was a group of young men who were traveling or studying there, from Brazil, S. Africa, Australia and Chicago, some random Israelis, a man learning to pilot, a film maker and then our new friend Ken. We set up the tables, the seder plates, the dishes. There was lamb and chicken and the rest of us brought various dishes to share as well as wine. There was a nice but short seder and we ate well and enjoyed getting to know everyone. Zelia had a blast running around, hanging out with folks and playing with some of the bigger boys. We stayed until the very end to help with all the clean-up.

We were tired, but had a great evening. We fell asleep quickly and woke early to drive back to Skagastrond.

On Tuesday, after work, Jacob again worked very hard to prepare another seder meal while I was teaching yoga. Once home, the three of us had a really sweet seder together and taught Zelia about the Afikoman which she found in her little oven. She ate three bowls of jacob's chicken soup! She has been enjoying Pesach quite a bit and seems to understand when she cannot eat bread and butter:) She has been introduced to matzah bri and loves it and today, Friday, we just made a batch of Arnice's Mandelbrot...she can't wait to eat them.