Friday, April 9, 2010

Zelia stories

The day after Pesach Zelia and I made bread which came out of the oven just in time for lunch. Jacob, Zelia and I sat each with a hot piece of bread in front of us. Zelia looked at the bread, looked at us and said "Shalom Aleichem" I could not believe it and started laughing and then asked Jacob if he got funny. Our Shabbat song about welcoming angels became a hello bread tune.

Yesterday we were getting ready to head to visit the midwife and I was telling Zelia that that's what we would be doing and picking Jacob up on the way. all of a sudden she came to me with my knitting. I am making a jumpsuit for the baby. She said he needs to put his pants on, I asked who and she said the baby. She thought we would be coming back from this visit with the baby and he needed his pants. No we have no idea whether it's a boy or a girl.

Zelia woke from her nap and the hallah had just come out of the oven. She went into the kitchen and ran back to me to tell me she saw the hallah. Then she went back in and I could hear her saying, it's so good and it's so sweet and I will eat it when Pali and Oli get here.

Latley, Zelia pretends that she has people and things in between her little fingers. So if we are out for a walk and she ants her bunny we can give her a pretend one and a pretend pacifier. She often leave the room and comes back with Saba and Amama in her hands. the other day they were "with us" and she put them on chair while we ate lunch and she fed them as well. Many hours later, at dinner, i sat in the chair and she exclaimed "you're sitting on Saba and Amama."
yesterday she took Sigga, Halldor, Pali, Oli and Gudrun Anna out of her little car and sat them all on the couch. Then when it was time to sleep she brought Pali and Oli to the bed, put them on the pillow and lay down next to them. When she woke 2 hours later she said they were still sleeping. Eventually they woke and they went somewhere else with her.


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