Wednesday, October 1, 2008

First Snow!!!

We awoke to the first snow that is down in the valley! It keeps flurrying every once in a while and looks pretty. Just gently falling flakes. The thermometer said 0* Celsius this morning and as I walked to the gym the streets were icy and slippery. The snow was crunchy, I think more ice than snow, but maybe it changes. The kids on the way to school were more bundled up, wearing one-piece snow suits and hats that were falling over their eyes - one girl was so cute trying to see where she was going. There were still plenty riding their bikes as they do all day. I love that. The kids spend a lot of time outside running between the buildings and riding bikes. One day I passed by school during recess and they were everywhere! The street in front of the school was closed, they were in the playground, on the grass, in the street, looked wonderful.

Well here are a few morning photos...