Saturday, October 4, 2008

Blue Skies

Well from the moment we woke up until now there have been beautiful blue skies above us. This is the first such day since my arrival in Iceland where the clouds did no cover us and either snow or rain. Magnificent. The air is crisp and the mountains clear.

Sometime in the middle of the night Zelia woke up and told us both a very long and detailed story. We have never heard her speak so much and with so many sounds. I couldn't help but laugh when she came and put her open mouth on my face and snuggled - a Zelia kiss:)

We had a delicious breakfast of yogurt pancakes, dressed and headed out to Bonus. It was a refreshing walk and good exercise, especially pushing the carriage and carrying the back pack back to the house.

I am now making a red lentil soup with sweet potato and brining the chicken for dinner. I also contacted Margret who runs the theater to find out what I need to do to book a concert there. That's right I am back and ready to work, yay. It feels great.

I forgot to mention that yesterday, when it was snowing and I was walking to the hospital the kids were having a blast. Most were making great snowballs, some as big as basket balls. I passed three girls walking on their hand and knees as they rolled the snow along the sidewalk in front of the library, very cute. A lot of people wear great wool sweaters and snow pants when out in this weather and it seems that all the babies wear tights, even the boys under their clothes. The baby legs I bought before coming have been great. There are still plenty of skirts around though.

Here are 2 videos of Zelia standing and Palin in the background.....weird???