Thursday, October 23, 2008

My hair is straight here???

Last night the winds picked up and we could hear the howling every now and again. After a pretty late night for all three of us we week at 7:45 and it was dark out! At 8:30 it was still dark out and at nine it was a bit better. Of course the clouds, rain and slush made it more so. It did not look like a fun day to go outside. As it was getting closer to the time to leave for rehearsal Zelia began acting pretty sleepy so we bundled up and I decided we would take a little walk to see if she would sleep. Snow pants on, heavy boots, hats and gloves, Zelia was tucked under the plastic in the stroller and we braved the weather. The ground was covered in a layer of water under a layer of slush under a layer of snow, it was heavy and hard to walk though. I pushed that stroller through and often wondered whether the wheels were turning at all or if I was just pushing snow ahead of us. Zelia was singing away in her seat. We walked into town past the bakery which smelled delicious and I wondered how they were able to stay open 6 days a week. People were jumping out of their cars, keeping them running and heading in for a morning bite. We saw a few people around some without hats on!!! We turned in the center of town and headed toward the Edinborg house and I could tell she was beginning to sink into sleep. So around the house we went to the far door to give her some extra time. The other side was locked and we waited for Katri to show. By that time Zelia was fast asleep and I was again frustrated to not have the stroller monitor yet. (the add went into the paper today that we are looking for one. We are trying the used market first, if not we will buy one). Anyway, Katri showed and I parked Zelia in the stroller by the window and we went in to warm up and work. Zelia was sleeping soundly as the snow blew into the carriage and began to pile on the plastic cover. An hour and a half later she opened her eyes and I went to bring her in. Is this fabulous or what???

We finished up rehearsal about 50 minutes later and I knew the walk home would be bad. The snow had picked up and accumulated more and I was hoping Jacob would walk in and be able to help luck. We bundled up and tried to get home. We did actually make it but I had to walk in the street where the cars had pushed the snow down some and take the longer way around. We made it, but I think I half lifted the stroller the whole time. I am really curious as to whether the strollers they have here do better in this weather. The tires we have on it are the same so that made me feel better.

Hot soup, hot chocolate and a nap and we are feeling great. The three of us were going to go to a talk at the University about mind mapping but it was canceled as they would like for cars to stay off the roads. There has yet to be a plow come through. In about half an hour Veturnaetur begins (winter nights) and I think we will try to head out to the photography exhibit. Gisli and Gerdur are showing work there. Gisli is in Jacob's program and Gerdur is his wife and I am becoming friends with her. I don't think I mentioned that when they came for Rosh Hashanah she made mittens for Zelia and brought them over. I was blown away! rally touched. I also need to see her because I have gone as far as I can at the moment with the Icelandic mitten pattern and need help. Looking up all the words is not enough to understand the next step...

Tomorrow Jacob does not have class and there are many things happening around town. We will rehearsal, swimming and Icelandic class though so there is lots to do. We also need to try and get to Bonus tomorrow if possible since Saturday I am dancing.