Wednesday, October 22, 2008

yay, more snow

Well, a day passes and I begin to forget all the things I wanted to write about. I still owe the blog pictures of the snow from yesterday and the day before. yesterday was fabulous, lots of snow fell and everyone was out in their snow pants, adults as well. People definitely dress for the weather. The first snow is the same everywhere, there is an energy around and the kids are excited. I love that. parents were pulling little ones around on sleds and I saw the greatest thing - it was like a scooter, had two skis and a console type thing to hold on to, then the kid was pushing off with one leg and then standing on the two skis, brilliant! The roads are slippery and they don't sand or salt them. At home the plows would be circling the town but not here yet, don't think this counts for much snow.

I didn't sleep well 2 nights ago, anxious about the alarm clock going off, which in the end it didn't. no problem, I got out of bed at 5:30, tired of wondering what time it was. We met Katri and walked around the sites of performance for Saturday ad came up with some great ideas. We also found that two of the spaces were uninspiring at best, ugh. It was so gorgeous out nothing mattered, snow everywhere, and blue skies. Katri said that's the thing about Iceland, bad weather but then when it's good, it's spectacular. After lunch Jacob and Danielle went for a walk as the snow rolled in and Zelia and I went to sleep. I couldn't believe it when I jumped out of bed at 3:30 - our swimming class is at 3:40. I thought maybe we wouldn't go, the snow was falling fast, but decided we just had to, so I put her in the wrap and walked quickly through the snow:) the best part was when I got there, the mom of one of the women came into the changing room, grabbed Zelia changed her while I changed and we were in the pool in record time. I was so touched, she saw me, knew I needed help and just stepped in.

When we got in the pool Zelia saw a man with a beard holding his daughter and she got very upset. I have no idea what was going on in her head, but I felt like maybe she thought it was Jacob but then was confused by it all. It helped when Jacob walked in the door from his walk. She was SO excited to see him. In the end she did alright and we caught up on what we missed by hanging out in the pool a little longer than the class. This Sunday we are going to Flateyri with the class and a photographer. We will go swimming in the big pool there and then be able to buy the CD of pictures:) Sunna and Haeti will take Jacob, Zelia and me.

The walk home was great, with three other moms, Gudny, Heda and Sunna. I have a lot more to learn about Christmas but began...there are 13 Santa clauses here, they are all brothers and they have parents and a cat. The mom's name begins with a 'g' I will have to hear it again and if you are bad you watch out for her and the cat because they steal children. I cannot wait to learn more but want to understand it before I retell it all here. Also, I was told there is a big storm coming tomorrow, 55 mile an hour winds and depending on the temp cold/freezing rain or snow. Let's hope for snow.

Tomorrow begins the Winter Nights festival. That's what Katri and I are performing for. There are several things happening, I don't understand them all, but will as they happen. There is music, singing, dancing, photography, knitting, etc...

Today we went to the church to meet with the other moms. every Wednesday different moms bring food. This dish must be somewhat common here because this time and last time there was some sort of baked dish made with ham, asparagus (mushrooms this time) and cream cheese that was then baked. It was good, something I wold expect to have seen in the 50's...anyway, I have added a few short videos of Zelia there. Of course every time I began filming she would crawl toward` me...