Thursday, October 2, 2008

Walking in town and a library visit

Zelia and I had a very nice walk through town and about to the library. I thought I would take some pictures to give you an idea of the place. The pictures range from what I think is a typical apartment building, one of my favorite houses. the mountains across full of snow with cod pens in the water (look carefully). There are still flowers in some gardens and 3 churches. The big one has a cemetery and one you can see will not let us forget we are from Salem. The funnier thing is that there is a witch craft store in town as well. There is a picture of a typical street and one from the opposite side of town from us overlooking the center. Let's not forget the fire station, Zelia hanging out and the snow covered mountains across from the water. Lastly, Zelia is sleeping in front of our apartment and that is the window that I can watch her from.

The building with the large lawn and green roof is the library. It is very sweet and we went into the little children's room, which as you can see, Zelia enjoyed. There is also a video here with her playing. We will start spending more time there. The librarian was very sweet, but let us know that there is no story time at the moment. We talked a bit about the weather. She said it was cold out now, but when I remarked that others had said the snow was late, she agreed, but said that the snow looked just like powder when you are baking. On our way home Zelia fell fast asleep and enjoyed an hour nap out in the cold air.

I brought Zelia over to Jacob at school where she joined him and classmates for a happy hour while I went and had a massage - fabulous! Afterward it was bath time and we got 2 good shots:)

Tomorrow we swim again and hopefully head to Betty's farm to help gather more sheep, this time to spend the night!