Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Lovely Evening

This afternoon we hunkered down at home as the storm continues outside. The snow was really accumulating and there was about a foot on the ground. We were trying to decide whether things were open and wanted to go out for a walk to the photography exhibit at Hamraborg. We kept going back and forth and Tanja came by to get some knitting needles and said that she thought no one was allowed to go out after 5pm, which it was. We wavered back and forth some more and decided we would go out, we are walking either way. So we prepared for the snow, Jacob wrapped Zelia and put his second rain coat around her and we were off. The snow was wet and slushy and still blowing and falling. We got to Hamraborg and they were still hanging the exhibit so we began our walk home with a stop at the bakery which was preparing to close. When we got in, the bread we liked was gone so we bought some rolls and then Ruth, from Denmark began chatting with us. She is an older lady and has been here for a long while. She cut a desert in half for us and then gave us what she called a special Icelandic bread. It is very flat and in half circles, we think it is rye bread. We later found out that people eat it with butter and also with smoked lamb, which is always available in the market.

We continued our walk home and I mentioned that I wanted to get the knitting pattern and walk to Gisli and Gerdur's house to ask her for some help. When I had gone to her place on Monday she said we could drop by anytime. I love this! Just like Israel and nothing like the US. Anyway, we headed over there and Gisli was shoveling the walkway. We went in, undressed, had some beer, chatted and looked at the pattern. I forgot to mention, as we walked over there the electricity in the town went out and we wondered how we were going to make dinner and thought this is good to know for future storms. As it turns out we didn't need to, make dinner that is. The lights came and went as we sat together in a very cozy and beautiful home filled with candles. Zelia had slept on the walk over and was then playing happily on the floor and eating cheerios. The invited us to stay for dinner and we had a really nice time. All their children were out, one in Flateyri with her boyfriend and another in the fjord with his friends, so they said they were happy to have guests:)

We walked home in the snow (but this time the roads had been plowed) and just were so happy, no other word needed. Zelia is now asleep and the wind blows the house every once in a while. The winds at sea are over 90 miles an hour...not yet sure about having pilates in the morning.

Well, I think I have forgotten already so many wonderful things I could share, but that's how it goes. Here are some pictures from today.


Sharon said...

hi.......I just noticed that after each of your posts, it is set up for people to leave comments.....but there are none!
So, I'm wondering if so many other people are like me......they read and enjoy all of your posts, pics and videos but don't tell you! This is my contribution to say that I am enjoying each and every post and look forward to seeing what your next day will bring. :-)