Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer so far

Well after a blustery beginning to July we have had the most spectacularly beautiful days and today wins so far!!!! After breakfast, hanging laundry, and kneading dough we headed out to do some errands and play in the park. Short sleeves and sunshine!

Gisli and Gerdur came for a long weekend. They arrived late on Friday night but so did Jacob and Anna and a suprise - Danielle!!!!! So we had another late Shabbat dinner. The hallah was delicious and the fish fresh and lovely. Anna brought a portuguese dessert and we all ate well and were exhausted. Danielle, Gerdur and I sat up late knitting and it just felt so good to be with good friends.

The next day we all slept late, ate pancakes and headed to Saudarkrokur and then to Grettislaug, the beautiful hot pot. It was great, coming in and out of the sunshine and the heavy fog in the mountains. Danielle left Sunday after a late breakfast and we enjoyed the sunshine and the smoker smoking chicken. It was so beautiful out we ate outside and got nice tans:) This was the first time Gisli and Gerdur ever ate a dry rub smoked chicken and it was a HUGE success!!!!!!

On Monday Gisli and Gerdur enjoyed hiking Spakonufell and then we all ate dinner before they headed out with our camping gear for an adventure.

Jacob is out on a boat today and should be returning soon. I am beginning to think of all the things we need to pack to leave for Reykjavik on Saturday and we are counting down the days for my parents and Kathie to arrive!

Zelia news...she stopped using diapers almost 3 weeks ago and it has been wonderful for her, she did it with no help from us, I never expected it! She is excited for the baby to come but every once in a while she says...it's not coming yet:)