Thursday, April 7, 2011

Amama and MamaZee in Iceland

Waiting to eat at Icelandic Fish and Chips

A few weeks ago my mom came to Iceland for a visit. We planned for a friend to get her at the BSI bus terminal and for another friend to drive her to Skagastrond. It was exciting and we were anxiously awaiting her arrival - she was traveling through a bit of a snow storm. When they arrived we all ran to the door and all of a sudden I see MamaZee in our entrance way. My mouth dropped open and I think I hid behind the wall. In my wildest dreams I NEVER would have considered this possibility. As a matter of fact I had been talking to MamaZee about her visit in August!

Unfortunately the weather was not great, snowy and windy which made it impossible to get out and walk around. But we hung out inside, ate well, especially hamantaschen, delivered mishloach manot, and went to Zelia's school. On Thursday Amama and Zelia took the bus to Reykjavik on a great adventure which included chocolate milk and a hotdog. The rest of us piled in the car and made the drive. We met at the hotel.

The weather was a bit milder there but rainy. We did get to walk around, go to some museums and Friday it was especially nice, although not sunny. After a quiet morning, breakfast and lunch the bus came to pick up the ladies and take them to the airport. I think MamaZee thinks that we are crazier than ever...but she didn't get to see the sun so it makes it harder.

It was a truly amazing visit, I was so excited that she made it even though it was a huge effort and sometimes difficult. Can you imagine my almost 90 year old grandmother came to visit in Iceland!!!!! Unbelievable!


Polish Mama on the Prairie said...

Oh, how sweet! My grandmother visited us years ago in the US from Poland when I was maybe 6 or 7 and I remember it fondly. I'm sure your kids will as well. :)

Anonymous said...

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