Sunday, June 24, 2012

Almost an entire year has passed since I last wrote and updated this blog.  Needless to say countless things have happened, evolved and developed since then.  Here is a quick synopsis.

We are still in Skagastrond, Iceland.
Zelia is almost four a half and informed me after a visit in Amsterdam that she would like to learn a new language (for the first time she experienced not having access due to a language barrier).
Lazer will be two in August and is a total shovav (no great work for this in English, mischievous is closest), he adores Jack and Zelia and wants to do EVERYTHING she does.
Jacob is kicking ass in his job, has several grants and projects, manuscripts in the works and heading to present at ICES in Bergen, Norway.
I began my Ed.D. at Northeastern University in Jewish Educational Leadership, am working to found Yadaim Academy of Applied Academics in the US and just went to Israel for the first time in 11 years to take part in the ROI Summit.

The picture above is of all of us at the Esnoga (Sephardic Synagogue in Amsterdam where the Fidanques, Del Valles, De Castro and other ancestors prayed in the 16-1700s).