Monday, January 7, 2013

Limmud UK 2012

This year has been full of amazing learning, especially about the opportunities for Jewish learning that are out in the world. With a desire to spread the word about Yadaim as well as connect to the European Jewish community, I sent Jacob a link to Limmud UK.  Since attending ROI 2012 I had been hearing about Limmud and after my summer residency at Hebrew College for my Ed.D. the dean of the school of education, Michael Shire, pushed that I attend as well. As I read more online it was obvious to me that this would be a fabulous family experience and before long we began the planning.  Thanks to the fabulous ROI Micro Grant program I was able to collaborate with the talented curriculum consultant Hannah Graham to prepare a two session presentation. 

We also made a plan to meet Terri in London for a few days and to head all together to Limmud.

We spent 5 stimulating, fun and exhausting days and cannot stop speaking about it.  2500 Jews came together at the University of Warwick to have the opportunity to chose from 1035 presentations from anything from food, text, politics, film, story telling, music, singing, puppet shows - seriously you name it and it was happening. Lazer went to the nursery and Zelia was in the first year of young Limmud.  We dropped them off at 9 after breakfast and we all went our separate ways.

I attended sessions like harmonizing, Shmitah year with Nigel Savage (fascinating and now full of ideas), learning with Yehoshua Engelman about Gan Eden and Joseph and Judah (now I am chasing him down as a teacher).  Jacob attended almost every session he could connected to food, ethics, kashrut, eco-kashrut and came away both inspired and ready to get involved. We would pick-up Lazer for lunch and take him back sleeping.  Then at four everyday we would get the kids and head to some family sessions.  We loved seeing Noa Baum and listening to her storied and singing with Shirlala and also doing pajama time with Karina from Shababa.  We would have an early dinner and head to pajama time, when all the young kids would get together and sing and dance and hear stories before bed.

Once the kids were asleep the fabulous volunteer babysitters would camp out in the hallways and we would head out to get a drink at one of the bars, hear another lecture or Matisyahu!

Everyday we remarked on the fact that the scope of the entire conference is so HUGE and that sheer amazement that it was volunteer organized and run - simply spectacular.  People, young and old giving of their time to make this event happen and with such joy:)  Also, to chose to learn about whatever you want and to have it taught by people who have chosen to teach it is a fabulous equation making for the most exciting learning.  The day we left Zelia wanted to know if we would come back again next year - we hope so!


Anonymous said...

So wonderful to hear about LImmud UK. I have been a vendor, participant, and workshop leader over the past years. Terrific people and organization.