Sunday, June 7, 2009


It was a great weekend here in Isafjordur, mostly because Jacob had no work to do and we could fully enjoy the weekend together. We enjoyed some delicious cod from my catch on Thursday. I cannot explain how much better the cod is when it is this fresh, the meat has a totally different texture!

We woke on Saturday morning, ate some breakfast and headed out the door to our garden. Zelia was ready with her tools and ready to get dirty. We succeeded is preparing and planting a third of the garden with cauliflower, parsnips, kale and cabbage and it was time to head home for some luncha dn to put Zelia to sleep. The garden is surroiuned by many rhubarb plants so we have been brining stalks and stalks of it home. After hanging out at home and helping with many cover letters we headed to Sudureyri. This weekend was a special weekend that celebrates the fisherman and in some vilages it is the most celebrated day of the year. ther was not a lot happening in Isafjordur, some in Sudureyri and the most in Flateyri (at least in the closer areas). The fishing boats were taking people out into the fjord, the rescue teams were out showing off their talents and in some places kids were having all osrts of competitions and games. Anway we went to the fish factory in Sudureyri to walk through it and then to a fish tasting in town for dinner. In between the two events we went to a little park and Jacob and I laughed, we are not fans of over protective parenting but the boat in the payground was in such bad shape with rusty nails and holes in the bottom and shards of wood....even we said we woulnd't want Zeia playing there. We got to eat some Steinbiter, wolf fish and some flat fish. Zelia fell asleep on the way home and we got to work in the garden for another hour.

In the mornings it has been cloudy but, yesterday the clouds burned off by mid-day and the sun was shining well past bed time. today it was cloudy most of the day and we did get to go to the garden again. This time Zelia had less patience for it than yesterday so she and I went to the payground where she had a BLAST! These two adorable 8 year olds, Nicola and Solveig (isn't that the best name???? silent G) played and played with her, on the slide, on the swing, carrying her everywhere. It was so much fun to watch.

Zelia ia home this week as Harpa is on vacation, then she will have 4 days next week and then we are off to the US...crazy.