Thursday, September 23, 2010

We are back and better than before!

We arrived yesterday morning to 2 degrees C, but a clear and beautiful morning. We had just been in Boston for a visit for 2.5 weeks for the haggim. It was a wonderful visit, full of lots of family time. But what can I say, there is simply no place like home! After sleeping for only about 3 hours for the night Zelia woke up before landing ready to be home. When she woke in Swampscott that morning she said to Jacob " It's Skagastrond day!" She talked non-stop from then on and when we were getting our luggage she said to me, I will show you where is Iceland and she ran to a picture on the wall and pointed to the map! The drive home was hard as we were exhausted but as usual Jacob was a hero and we were here by noon. We unpacked (not a joke- 5 bags full of things that needed homes), saw Jack, showered, ate and all slept together for a long while. Zelia was thrilled to go back to leikskoli this morning and we are back in business.

The holidays were lovely. We spent Rosh hashanah in Swampscott and got to see everyone, what a treat! Some of my favorite moments were running with Baki, then another day with Aba and yet a few more with Lauren. Both nights were delicious and rowdy:)

We had a beautiful naming celebration for Lazer Harry Cheatham Kasper, born August 5, 2010 in Reykjavik at "home". He was 3.44 kilo, 7.8 poinds, and 51 centimeters, 19 3/4 inches. It was the most amazing experience surrounded by a spectacular birth team, Jacob, Ima, Aba, Kathie, Aude, Zelia, Kristbjorg and Maria. Rabbi Cherie helped us organize the ceremony and lead it. She was so thoughtful, I am really grateful for her...she thought of so many things that I was just not able to even consider. Now we have a great little book of all that was said and written for him.

The next week was quiet and we got to spend a lot of time with Mama Zee and Zelia went on an adventure with Jacob and Terri to Chicago to visit her great grandmother Fran. What a great trip.

For Yom Kippur we stayed at Terri's in Newton. We had a really nice quiet and delicious meal together for Kol Nidrei. We went to Kehillat Israel that night and the next day. It was a fabulous congregation. I was hesitant becuase of its large size, but it was SO welcoming, so knowledgeable, really wonderful. I LOVED that the Rabbis took every moment possible to teach.

On Sunday we had a lovey visit with Dennis and Marie, listening to music, eating on the porch, talking and walking. The weekend ended with dinner at Adam and Hallie's house with Jocie, Noah, and all the kids, lots and lots of fun.

We are back in our regular much quieter lives now, waiting for Sarah to come and then we will go to the garden to dig up our potatoes. I am making this for dinner...yummm, sort of like a quinoa/vegetarian bip bim bop Delicious Big Bowl.

I need to begin to prepare for teaching the dance elective at school, think about yoga/pilates for the adults, and my guest lecture on Soloveitchik...