Thursday, December 30, 2010

Inspired by Artists

Young artists surrounded by artists making art and feeling inspired at NES, Skagastrond.

There is no doubt that Roland, Shiloh and Uma's presence here in Skagastrond has been wonderful for all of us. Zelia and Uma have hit it off and enjoy playing and making art together. Jacob and I have loved spending time with all of them.

So, I would not say that, as of yet, Zelia has shown great interest in artistic things such as drawing and painting, although she clearly prefers to paint. Her interests seem much more geometrical, building with legos or the widgets and making puzzles. That said, she LOVES going to NES to see Uma and, there, surrounded by professional artists and Uma who clearly enjoys making art she gets an opportunity to really explore and partake.

The first set of pictures are from about a month ago, the second set from two days ago.

It at least, as a sample of one, makes a nice argument for surrounding children not only with art but with artists who are making art.