Monday, December 27, 2010

Soap Making - making the soap

We were finally ready to make our soap. We took all of our supplies to Jacob's lab and got started. here are the Christmas milk containers we were going to use for our soap molds.
Jacob measured out the lye and water and was able to use the hood to keep from inhaling the fumes.
Stirring the lye into the water with a pippet with the exhaust on until all the crystals are desolved. the mixture got up to about 130 F, which was much cooler than we expected. While that was cooling we began measuring and melting the fats

This is the coconut oil, to which we also added the Tallow.
Labs are great places for babies:)
Once the hard fats were melted we mixed in the olive oil
Then when both the lye mixture and the fats were between 110 and 115 we mixed them together
using a stick blender we blended for less than 10 minutes until we got this nice trace.
At this point we added the pulverized oatmeal and the essential oils
Then it was poured into our milk molds, we got a total of 4 liters of soap. We brought it all home and 24 hours later we cut it into bars. Now they are curing for about 4-6 weeks, to evaporate the water and make the bars harder.

Now we are planning the next recipes:)


agriffin said...

Looks like you did a great job!

Andrea Kasper said...

it was fun too. I highly recommend it, then there are no questions about the ingredients!