Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Election preparation and the first day of summer?

I just got back from walking Zelia to sleep, it is now 7:25, sunny outside and about 10 degrees. I could hear the birds and smell the sea and saw crocuses coming up out of people's garden beds. There are still plenty of piles of snow, but the streets and sidewalks are melted and mostly dry. It has struck Jacob and me that we don't really smell the ocean here although we are surrounded by it and have speculated that it's due to the lack of beaches...anyone have any thoughts? I do think spring is beginning to show in these parts, which doesn't mean we won't get anymore snow, but it means some warmer weather at least for the next few days. Perhaps it is gearing up for the first day of summer - next Thursday! yes, you read it right...this is part of the old calendar that I have mentioned before. I am not sure but think it is a Viking calendar and they only had two seasons, winter and summer and so summer is beginning. It is a national holiday and schools and offices will be closed. The boy scouts are going to lead a walk to the church for a service and then parade around town afterwards:)

Several weeks ago, one by one, the different political parties began setting up head quarters around town. The empty store fronts now have signs on them, and the spaces are filled with furniture and tables. Several evenings we have walked by and there are people inside, drinking coffee and eating cakes and I can only assume talking about politics. The election are in May, I believe, but I don't remember the exact date. Several people we know seem quite involved...anyway it has been nice to see the store fronts fill for the time.

Saturday will be our first children's music time at Kafi Edinborg. I am excited that I finally got this plan together and hope people will come and that it can continue as a weekly event for young children. I asked a woman named Bryndis to come with her guitar and play and sing with the kids for 1/2 hour, the parents can come and have a coffee and then everyone will go on with their Saturday:)

It is weird without Jacob, but we are falling into a nice quiet little routine of our own...