Monday, April 13, 2009

Klezmer, Easter and Shakshuka

On Friday morning we headed to the downhill ski area with Gisli and Tomas to join the festivities. As we were waiting in line to park we could see the area full of people, lots of children, costumes, face painting and a slow flying plain dropping candy on the crowd and they swooped en mass to where it had fallen. We put on our snow shoes and put Zelia in the sled. Music was playing, hot dogs were cooking and much to our delight many many people had brought their dogs. We were both pretty hungry so got hot dogs, without the buns, I spit mine out, I think it had lamb in it...oh well. Coldplay was playing over the loud speaker and we were off up the mountain with Zelia in tow. We headed up among the skiers and snowboarders and eventually sat on the snow and let Zelia try some. She wasn't sure what to make of the cold wet in her mouth I don't think. Back down the mountain we sat in the lodge, chatted with Gudny (her swimming teacher) and also with the couple from Switzerland, Bertram and Francie and their daughter Joelle.

When we got back home we heard we were invited to Ingi's house for some soup before the festival began. It is called Aldrei For Eg Sudur - I never went south. So, undressed and dressed again we headed over and had some delicious fish soup and met several new people, some from Isafjordur but many who came from Reykjavik and were there as exchange students, American, British, Dutch, Finish.... We had not been planning on heading to the festival but then we heard that Klezmer Kaos was opening at 7 and we decided we HAD to go. The band has one woman in it from Iceland, an amazing clarinet player, then the rest were all French. They were VERY good. We stayed only a little more, but Zelia woke from the noise and we headed home.

On Saturday we took our long walk to Bonus, which was packed with people. The whole town was - not a room to be rented! The bakeries were full, it was really nice to see the local businesses get so much business. After dinner we headed out for a walk toward the festival, figured Zelia would go to sleep and we would check it out. We got there and hung outside since it was so crowded and chatted with several people. As we were walking home we talked about how nice it is to go someplace now and know so many people to speak with.

Sunday, we decided to go cross country skiing. Henry, whose family is here, had a car and he drove us to the cross country area. With Zelia on Jacob's back we were out for an hour and got some good exercise. By the time we were leaving the sun had come out and there was blue sky! A nice older couple drove us home:) Back at home we relaxed and napped and then went to visit Edward, Heidy, Sigga and Alexander (you won't believe that Alecxander is younger than Zelia!!!!). They are such a great family. The pictures are from their house. We had a delicious gulash, which Zelia ate and ate and ate, plus had juice for the first time and enjoyed sucking that down:) Then we went for a walk and she fell fast asleep. It's so nice to go for a walk at 8 pm and be in the light.

We watched I am Legend and had no idea what it was about, ugh so stupid, but I still thought about it through the night.

While searching for Pesach recipes earlier in the week I found recipes for shakshuka and was SO excited. So, while Jacob prepared to leave I made the shakshuka and we gobbled it up. Shakshuka is a spicy tomato scrambled egg dish made in Israel, and that I have not had i AGES....Zelia enjoyed some gravlax. We walked Jacob to the hotel and watched him get on the bus. The weather is spectacular so his flight should be gorgeous.

We are home, in the quiet house and will do something with Katri and Pyry later outside.