Sunday, April 5, 2009

Vacation and Gardens

After completing his last paper on Tuesday, vacation officially began for Jacob. However, thesis proposal writing and job searching make it less and less like a vacation. At least in a week he will head to the US for a family visit:)

Zelia's progress at dagmamma has been great. On Friday, Harpa sent us a text "she is playing and laughing" - we were so excited. When I got there she was not interested in me in the least and just wanted to keep on playing. We will be up to our goal of four hours tomorrow!!! Packed in her stroller we walked to the house to get Jacob and take a walk. We returned in a moment though, realizing that Zelia was hungry for more than just a few cheerios:) A fillet of fish later, back in the stroller again. It wasn't long until she was fast asleep and we went to Edinborg to have a lunch out!!! What a an idea!

I had been raving about the burger there for a while, so of course built them up and then we got a terrible burger!!!!! What a disappointment. When I asked what had changed we were told that the meat supplier had, ugh. Next time we will ask ahead of time...but it was so nice to sit in another place, just the two of us as Zelia slept outside.

After lunch we went to town hall to take care of several matters, one of which was signing up for the community garden. We spoke with Ralf, saw the aerial photograph of the area and rented 30 square meters for our garden. Things we can grow, cabbage, carrots, potatoes, lettuces, broccoli, cauliflower, beets, radishes, onions, herbs of all sorts, squashes, etc. We may put in some tomatoes and cukes by our house where we can cover them... very exciting. (The other thing we had taken care of the day before was getting ourselves on the waiting list for apartments in case we stay.) Zelia had still been sleeping and we were only going to be a minute which turned into at least 10. When we came downstairs a VERY nice man was walking her back and forth trying to calm her down. Besides feeling like terrible parents, I was so incredibly touched by this man's actions. It seemed so obvious to him to just try and comfort her.

Back at home Jacob prepared a delicious steak dinner (yes, T-bones still left from a brilliant birthday present from Baki and Angie), homemade regular and sweet potato fries and roasted cauliflower - delicious. then we watched a good movie, Frost and Nixon, we both recommend it.

Saturday we all slept until 8 and woke to a beautiful sunny and mild day. After cleaning the house, rearranging the bedroom furniture and reorganizing the laundry room we headed out for a walk to put Zelia to sleep. We walked in the sunshine. It was really a nice day, clear blue skies, lots of sun and no hats necessary. We decided to walk to the area where the garden is just to check it out. We think we found the right place. When all the snow melts, which it practically has, they will bring a tractor in to turn the ground. But when I mentioned to Gisli that it felt like Spring he said, oh you think so? There are still MANY days left until summer. I remember reading at some point that they really only talk about two seasons here, summer and winter. So, my guess is, there is more winter still to come...

During our quick stop for eggs at Samkaup, Zelia woke - not much of a nap for her....back at home, Jacob made a yummy pasta lunch and while Zelia and I hung out and I dozed a little he made brownies to take to Gisli and Gerdur's and washed the windows - I know, unbelievable, right?????

We headed over for excellent homemade pizzas and great company. During tea and dessert it was decided, Tomas, Gisli and Jacob would head out to dig for clams Sunday morning. So, here we are, just ate pancakes with prune sauce, sitting in a quiet house thinking about Pesach and wondering whether Gerdur will get to try steamers for the first time tonight.