Sunday, August 23, 2009

Shabbat dinner

Friday evening we had a really nice Shabbat dinner with Danielle, Jaimie, Max, Gerdur, Gisli, Erlingur, Heidurun, Tray, Astrid, David and Albertina - here are some pics from the delicious pot-luck. We made round Challah to celebrate the end of the program and beginning of the next year.

Saturday, I went to Peter's early to help him prepare for the CMM (coastal and marine management) brunch for the staff and first year students. This week, they begin to leave and the new students arrive.

In the evening I got to enjoy a girls' night at Abertina's house which was a lot of fun and this morning Jacob is getting ready to leave for 2 weeks....He is off to Breidafjord with his class for a field trip and then continues with Tray to Husavik for a marine mammals course through the university of Iceland. Zelia and I will be holding down the fort!

Here are some pictures from dinner and Zelia walking around in her new rain boots. Oh there are also two pictures of Zelia having a great time playing in the sink.