Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Wild Meal

On Saturday morning Jacob woke early to go fishing, an oh no, it wasn´t in the ocean., he has actually been turned on to fresh water fishing these days and we are OH so thankful. He came home with 4 beautiful char and a sea trout.

After breakfast we hopped in the car and drove to Engidalur where we had found beautiful berries earlier in the week and we filled a big pitcher while Zelia sat in the bushes quietly eating and turning blue.

After a nap we headed out with Gisli and Gerður to look for mushrooms. I found my first and learned how to pick them. Zelia was more interested in berries of course and after putting all the mushrooms together we had a fare amount. We headed home and Jacob began to prepare a feast and of course Gisli, Gerður and Tómas joined. What a beautiful thing - to eat almost exclusively of food we had collected.