Wednesday, August 26, 2009

what a climb

We finally climbed to the hanging valley that overlooks Isafjordur and that is believed to be created by a BIG troll sitting in the mountain:)

I met Jamie and Allan (2 new students), picked Zelia up and off we went. Zelia walked a bit of the way and then went on my back. It was only .5 kl, but it was pretty much straight up and hard work, especially with an extra 11 kilo on my back. When we got up into the bowl it was FILLED with huge boulders - the pictures do not do them justice. All pushed down by snow we imagined whether there were any sheep under any of them, ugh.

There is a steel box attached to one of the rocks and we wrote our names - Zelia and I were 1055 and 10056. We hung out ate a cookie with peanut butter and some berries before heading back down. Walking down we tried several things with Zelia but eventually she was on my back again - everything felt a it scary, but I had help when I needed it. It was intense on the knees:)

Once back home we had a dinner of french toast with Jamie, delicious.

The other day I got a bunch of hand-me-downs from Johanna, a woman at work who just moved and I thought this outfit was adorable:) Zelia is eating one of her new favorites, granola with AB milk - she would have preferred some fresh blueberries in there!

By the way - the days are of course getting shorter and shorter and it is dark by 11 now and still pretty dark at 4am. I think it is a real gift to have been given the opportunity to truly appreciate darkness. I appreciate brightness and sun but had never given much thought to the dark, besides being scared of it. I welcomed it now and am happy it has returned. I love learning to appreciate seemingly mundane things, which they are not actually. So thank you universe.


9uy said...

Looks beautiful. It´s already planned, next summer I´m going to visit the west fjords.

Andrea Kasper said...

Guy - maybe you can all come here for some winter skiing:)

9uy said...

I will definitely consider that. I really want to visit the westfjords and even more than that, I really want to ski.