Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rick and Anthony

Our friends, Rick and Anthony came for a fabulous visit. After a week of wild, crazy weather, snow and winds of 70 mi/hour, I told them "pack your ski goggles if you have them!" Luckily, for all of us, they arrived for the most beautiful weather yet!!!! Calm winds, if any, beautiful snow and mild temperatures.

They landed on Friday morning and had a nice drive north and even stopped at Bónus for us! Jacob had prepared an Icelandic meal for Shabbat...well except for the hallah and salad:) there were boiled potatoes, boiled salted lamb with white sauce, and Skyr cake for dessert.

On Saturday morning, after sour dough pancakes we headed to Tindastóll, the ski area on the way to Saudarkrókur. Here is Zelia getting her first real taste of some skiing. She was pretty excited especially when she saw big kids skiing and likes the idea of the t-bar heading up the mountain.

All geared up with helmet and ski goggles.

After the ski we headed to Hofsos for an AMAZING swim. The pool was gorgeous with a view of the ocean, really spectacular. the building was also really nice, all cement construction and reminded us of the hot water beach in Reykjavik...wonder if it is the same architect. they had one large pool and one hot pot that was split into two temps...it was really spectacular. We will be making that long drive again!

As we headed back through Saudarkrókur we were all pretty hungry so we stopped at Olafshús for dinner, salads, soup, chicken pita sandwich and arctic char, oh yes and french fries!

Sunday was absolutely amazing, the stillest day we have had here yet, seriously NO wind. the ski was blue and we headed out for a nice walk which ended up at Samkaup for some svið, lambs' heads. We had a some lunch with rye bread and then heade to Olafia´s house for ponnukokur and hot chocolate.

It was a wonderful visit with friends and we hope they come back!


Jamie said...

Zelia looks like BUzz Lightyear on a set of mini skis!