Monday, January 31, 2011

Lauren, Ian and food

This is what happens when Zelia does not nap at school...poor girl and now poor Ima who has to wake her up! It is never easy waking from a late nap.
We just love that she still prefers to sleep outside if possible. Yesterday she and Lazer slept together in their stroller happily.
Danielle came for a visit and goodbye before returning to the US in 2 weeks. They are making kibbe for kibbe hamdah soup. I loved this soup when they served it in school in Panama and would have it at Shabbat dinner at Aliza's house...lemony and delicious.
here are Lauren, Ian and Lazer in our favorite hot pot Grettislaug. Every once in a while strong gusts of wind would smack us....getting dressed and undressed was probably a site to behold! The weather during their visit was not great, super mild and rainy and the snow was gone. but we did make it here to actually share some of the wonderful parts of this country. It was a lovely visit, always feels short and they looked fabulous! So freakin' cute together. We miss them both terribly and hadn't realized how much until they came here. Zelia fell in love with her Aunt Lauren and quickly had uncle Ian reading her stories and building things together.
Oh the oranges have been SOOOOOOO good and juicy.

Days before uncle Ian and Aunt Lauren arrived, Lazer had his first taste of food. A few weeks before his 6 month birthday which we were waiting for he just erupted in wanting something of course we sat there eating delicious vichyssoise and he had a bite and LOVED it. the next day when I gave him spelt cereal I am sure he wondered where is that really good stuff.