Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lazer is 7 months and Zelia is house cleaning

Last weekend we went to a Red Cross sale and found Zelia some dress up clothes - she found these pink heels and it's pretty funny to watch her in them walking around the house.

Jacob found this hat for Halldor, but Zelia thought it would be great for Lazer.

Zelia has become quite a helper around the house, always wanting to vacuum some on her own and today she helped me put away her clean clothes. We are working on the bed making but it's a bit hard to get the big down blanket on the bed.

Here he is! Little Lazer man at 7 months and day.


Shiloh A. Sukkau said...

Uma would love those shoes!

Liz said...

House cleaning in heels! At least she likes to look good with doing chores! :)

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