Thursday, March 10, 2011

Zelia's first haircut

So, we decided to wait until Zelia was three years old before considering cutting her hair. Why? there is a Jewish tradition, Upsherin, that informs us to not cut the hair until three when their Jewish learning begin, this is often done on and then on Lag BaOmer - that's where I goofed. It was not Lag BaOmer and here we went and got her hair cut. I think I was so taken and taken aback that she ASKED for it and then kept saying that her hair is in her eyes and she wouldn't agree to barrettes, anyway, it happened and it was a bit exciting for all of us. When we got to the hairdresser's she got a bit nervous and was a little upset although she wanted to proceed. Halla cut her hair and was super nice about it.