Monday, September 14, 2009

I think we live the perfect life

What a weekend, really it was fabulous. On Friday we had Tray over for a Shabbat dinner, fresh Hallah, roasted pepper soup, spelt pasta and fresh plaice. Topped off with chocolate banana bread. Oh, we had ALL these peppers, so I roasted the rest and have pickled them!

On Saturday morning we had a slow wake-up and eventually headed to the garden with Aristou (new student) and dug up our new potatoes, pulled the rest of the turnips (delicious roasted with olive oil and salt) and found more rhubarb. We cleaned up at home and then headed to Gerður´s store for music time which had over 20 people. Then back home for Zelia´s short nap, some food and then in the car to the waterfall. We picked more blueberries and Tray, Jacob and Aristou looked for mushrooms - saw some bright red one, they looked fake and NOT edible:) Then we headed to the sand beach in Holt. By the time we got there, unfortunately, the sun was gone and it began to sprinkle. We tried fishing on the end of the wooden pier but no luck, so we headed to Flateyri and got a few fish for dinner. Once Zelia was in bed, Jacob made another loaf of the banana bread and a huge batch of rhubarb jam.

On Sunday we had another slow wake up with halla french toast. I made blueberry jam from the last of the berries and Zelia enjoyed two bowls, full of fresh berries. We headed out walking to try and find a car to walk to Bonus. The wind was blowing pretty hard and still is, but it´s a nice wind actually, warm and balmy. We ended up on the pier fishing some more and Jacob caught several cod! We borrowed Gisli and Gerður´s car, went to Bonus and ended up at their house for coffee and chocolate banana bread and with a delivery of mushrooms, pickled peppers and jam! We, of course, invited them for dinner.

Before Tanja left she gave us a Chinese home cooking lesson and we decide it was time for us to give it a go. So we did! Roasted eggplant with red onion, ginger, garlic and coconut milk and then my favorite savory egg custard with mushrooms and shrimp. Jacob also used cod to make an orange fish which was delicious. Thank you Tanja!!!! These will remain in our repertoire, simple and good.

This morning Jacob and I took Zelia to the doctor´s for her 18 month check-up and her MMR vaccine. She was NOT happy to have her clothes off at all! Everyone there is SO nice though. Then we took her to school, got her rain pants on, and off she went with the rest of the kids and Bryndis one of her favorite teachers. It was so sweet. Jacob and I walked to work together. I have to ask, does it get better than this????

Now, it is time to think about and prepare for Rosh Hashanah.


9uy said...

Sounds perfect to me. Shanna Tovah!