Friday, September 11, 2009

Yoga, Pilates and more

Well, I am happy to report that both my yoga and pilates classes have taken off successfully. Yoga at the University Centre has been filling up with about 13 people there at a time. It´s nice to have a small class but also really nice to see a full room.

On Tuesday I began teaching Pilates again, now at Martha´s studio. 11 people came on Tuesday and I was curious to see how many would return on Thursday. I arrived a little early and started putting out mats and kept putting them out and putting them out until they were all gone. I had about 20 students!!!!! We were packed in and it was a blast. We laughed and worked hard and had a good time. It is nice to feel like I am doing something people appreciate.

This good feeling was the icing on the cake because earlier that day I was told by a woman in the building that I will be missed when we go... I needed to hear that:)

I have also been getting a few editing jobs on the side which has been nice. Now I feel no guilt at wanting to buy the really nice yarn for a new dress!!! hehehe

All in all I had such a nice feeling of being part of this amazing place and I am grateful for that.

After getting Zelia today we will head home and make the hallah, we have been missing doing Shabbat and need to re-commit. So Tray will join us. It is no small thing that Zelia knows what hallah is and asks for it:) In this wonderful place that is perfect in so many way, we deeply miss being part of a Jewish community.

Tomorrow morning we will head to Heitt Á Prjonunum, Gerður´s store for music time.